Hello ladies, sorry I’ve been hopelessly AWOL for a while now. I’m back for the time being with a short post on one of my latest acquisitions, an offering from Clinique that I’ve been eyeing for a while now and have finally gotten my grubby paws on thanks to a very dear and very beautiful friend (hi Sal! :)).

Sal recently travelled to New York and back, and came back with Clinique Almost Lipstick SPF15 in 06 Black Honey. She had two tubes and very kindly passed one on to me. Here’s what Black Honey looks like, straight from the tube (colour in photograph is true to life):

Before any of you decide that you’re put off by how dark it appears, bear with me. There’s a more to this lippie than you think!

Clinique Almost Lipstick falls somewhere between a lip balm and a lipstick, as the moniker suggests. I wouldn’t describe it as a tinted lip balm because the pigment is stronger than that, but it’s definitely not pigmented or rich enough to be a lipstick. So what exactly is it? I’ll leave you to be the judge of that, but here’s my brief assessment.

Formula: Extremely lightweight. I can barely feel it on the lips, which is precisely what I think Clinique was aiming for. When applied, Black Honey is sheer yet pigmented and gives off a subtle sheen (but no shimmer or sparkle). It’s also quite moisturising and keeps lips comfortable in a drying air-conditioned environment for a good 4 hours. I suspect it would hold up far longer in a slightly more humid atmosphere. The SPF15 is a nice added bonus.

Colour Payoff: Here’s where Black Honey really shines. This colour really does look different on everyone, true to claim. I have let a few friends with vastly different skin tones have a go using Black Honey, and what looks a dark, rich raisin in the tube ends up having surprisingly varied effects on each person – yet somehow or another, it always looks pretty and polished. What works best for me, though, is one very light-handed swipe across the lips for an elegant and refined look that enhances my natural lip pigment. However, I find that if I swipe more than once, the colour becomes a little too dark and makes me appear pale (not in the ethereal fashion – think Morticia Addams instead). The moral of the story is to swipe with caution and to know how much Black Honey is flattering on you as an individual.

Staying Power: The pigment clings quite steadfastly to lips – Black Honey stayed on after many, many drinks the first time I wore it, and only had to reapply (very, very lightly) after a full meal.

Packaging: This nifty lip colour comes in an ultra- slender tube that fits expertly into any makeup case, clutch, handbag or pocket without any fuss. Admittedly it’s not the sturdiest of lipstick cases (especially when compared to my other Clinique lipsticks, High Impact SPF 15 and Long Last, which are housed in tough-as-nails, substantial metal casing), but I don’t mind it much.

All in all, a product that I have grown quite fond of for daily use. It’s such a wearable, sheer colour for work that looks just as good after hours – and if there’s anything I value in a lip colour, it’s versatility and applicability. The fact that it provides good moisture to lips and stays on for ages despite being so lightweight makes it a very worthwhile investment.

Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey retails in the US at a very affordable USD 14.50 each. I wish they would bring it to local shores, but for now I suppose we’ll have to be patient and wait!

Happy Friday and have a great weekend ahead!


10 thoughts on “Review: Clinique Almost Lipstick SPF15 in 06 Black Honey

    • Hey Rinnah! 🙂 Yeah that’s the intrigue of this colour, really. Talk about not judging based on first impressions! Catch up with you and Bee really soon. Am seeing dom tonight, she’s down in the Lion City for a very short trip!

  1. Hey Suan! I loooove Black Honey too! In fact, loved it so much that I picked up a back-up AND Black Plum (or was it Black Raisin.. oops) when the whole “black” range was available in Msia few years back. Fab lippie alright! =)

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