I bought this a looonnnggg time ago but only got around to using it recently. As someone who constantly gets blemishes and has slow-fading post-blemish scars, I needed a great concealer. My HG was the Bobbi Brown Blemish Cover Stick in Natural Beige, but being curious and easily bored, I purchased LM’s Secret Camouflage on a whim.

You’re probably wondering what’s with the dual-shade concealer, and why are both shades so different? The premise is quite ingenious – a simple two-shade system, one to match the depth of color and one to match the skin’s undertone, so you can control and custom-blend your own concealer. The darker side is the undertone, so what I do is pat the undertone on, and then blend the lighter shade on top. I use either my fingers or a tiny concealer brush from ELF.

Let’s whip out the trusty pros and cons list:


  • Packaging is sturdy.
  • Covers minor imperfections and old blemish scars pretty well.
  • Being able to control and mix your own blend is a great idea, and it blends very well.
  • May seem a bit pricey – RM139.00 for 7.7g of product but I use very little of it.


  • Formula is a little bit hard rather than creamy. I’m not sure if it’s because I had it for such a long time and never used it; however, it still works.
  • Not entirely sure if the dual blend is necessary – my personal experience with Bobbi Brown’s Blemish Cover Stick was good enough and that was in a single shade.
  • Because you’re using two shades and mixing them, you may end up with a tad bit more concealer than needed, thus resulting in caking.
  • Using it as a eye concealer can result in more caking than smooth application due to the dual shade system.

The formula is a little strange. Most concealers I know tend to be a bit creamier, but LM’s Secret Camouflage (or at least the one I have) is really hard. There’s a pro and con to this.  A harder formula (it’s really not creamy) is difficult to work with, but oddly enough it spreads when warmed up with my fingers and transferred onto my skin. Also a harder formula meant that I didn’t use up as much concealer as I would with a softer, creamier one (I tend to use up creamier formulas because they’re so comfortable and I get over-excited with spreading it).

There were no reactions to this product, and I don’t mind recommending this because it works well as a concealer. However, the undertone and skin tone concept is a little strange and unnecessary for me, particularly because I have used single-shade concealers which work fine. You can use this if you’re using concealers to create depth and angles to your face – the darker undertone side works very well in this aspect.

If you like the idea of the dual system and you find it works for you, formula-wise, then by all means, get it. However, if you have a single shade concealer that you’re perfectly happy with and it matches you, you don’t have to get this.

I’m NC25 in MAC shades, no. 3 intensity for Estee Lauder Double Wear Light, and no. 53 with Bourjois Healthy Mix. For LM Secret Camouflage, I use SC-4 which worked well for my undertone and skin tone.


16 thoughts on “Review: Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage

    • Hahaha and the lazy me doesn’t want to blend and mix, but it’s a pretty nifty product. One of the best coverage concealers I have.

  1. I have this too! The Laura Mercier SA said to do about two swipes of the darker shade on one side of the brush and one or two (maybe more depending on your skin tone) of the lighter shade on the other side of your brush. You can then either blend the colours on your hand before applying it to the face or you could apply it directly onto your face, alternating between the light and dark shades! I’ve used my Secret Camouflage concealer for over a year now and there’s hardly a dent in it as the formula’s really hard in the pan but I think blending the perfect shade on your arm prior to applying it to your face helps melt the product a little! =)

    • Hi Sukie, good point to use body warmth to melt the product! And I’m happy I’m not the only one who finds it hard. I use my fingers mostly because my concealer brush is a bit wonky haha.

  2. I have a friend who uses this religiously to cover up broken capillaries on her cheeks. She says it’s quick thick, so it’s good for on the face, but definitely not under the eyes or where you have fine lines.

  3. I love this Concealer and yes it is a bit hard. I find it works well on my combination skin. The creamier ones tend to melt easier. I quite like the dual tone. I can use a darker shade fir darker blemishes and the lighter one to cover redness. And just mix them for a personalized shade! My shade is SC-3 which works quite well.

    • Hi Lily – glad to know that it wasn’t just me who found it hard! It’s quite a good concealer but I’m very lazy to mix and match 🙂 Hence I think it’s up to personal preference.

    • Hey Emi! Yeah, that’s what I felt too. The coverage for this concealer is quite good though, so maybe it’s worth the extra blending step. I think if you have pretty good skin with minimal imperfections, using a single-tone concealer is more than enough. Olgie up there said that Secret Camouflage worked well for her friend with broken capillaries, which I will agree with because the undertone shade works very well in minimizing redness/discoloration. So maybe if you’ve got a bit more that needs concealing, this might be worth considering.

    • Yeah, BB makes amazing concealers! I reckon you could take the same shade as me Jamilla, seeing as we’re both NC25-ish and Bourjois 53.

      • I don’t have a NARS nor an LM concealer but I remember playing with both in Australia! Mecca Cosmetica always displays them side by side so its easy to swatch and compare. Both are hard but I thought LM was easier to blend once it had warmed up.

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