Hi ladies! Sorry for being somewhat AWOL lately – but hopefully this little post makes it up to you.

I recently travelled overseas for work, and what does a girl do when she is bored at the airport? She goes to duty free to “browse”, that’s what. And what happens when a girl “browses”? She finds things she likes, that’s what. That is the short story of how I ended up with my third Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in a My Lips But Better (MLBB) shade. What can I say, true love dies hard.

Here’s a look at them:



And here are swatches, in the same order as they were arranged in the prior photo:



Rose and Shine is a neutral pink shade for all reasons and seasons; Blushed has plummier undertones and is a closer match to my natural lip colour; and Demure is a classic peachy-pink that I love using in the daytime. Rose and Shine and Blushed are a little shimmery as they have a pearlescent finish, while Demure has a creme finish. All three shades are MLBB to the core, and excellent for everyday quick and easy polished looks for work, school, play, or even a quick nip out to grab groceries.

I bought Demure at the airport about a year ago when I was heading abroad, and purchased Blushed when I left for my most recent trip. I think as well that Revlon has revised its formulation a bit since Rose and Shine and Demure were added to my collection, if the Blushed formula is anything to go on. Blushed has great staying power and clings on despite multiple meals – it even leaves a little bit of a stain behind, which Demure and Rose and Shine don’t do.

As a neutral/MLBB lip lover, I’m getting plenty of use out of these three lipsticks in rotation. They are moisturising, glide on smoothly, feel light on the lips, and are extremely versatile.

All lipsticks in this range are very budget-friendly, especially if purchased at the airport. I bought Demure and Rose and Shine for SG$ 7.70 each (hooray), but Blushed was one of those Manna from Heaven purchases at SG$ 5.40. Yes, the Revlon Super Lustrous lipsticks were on sale at duty free while I was there, so resistance was completely futile.

PS: I’ve previously reviewed Rose and Shine here, so check it out for a little more detail!


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