When I was studying in Australia, brands like Garnier became staples for students like myself and ksuan. So much so that we lamented the lack of Garnier products back in Malaysia. Yeah, we know, there are some Garnier skincare here but not like how we had it back in Australia. So I thought, well, let’s make my Australian trip worth it and get something Garnier, for old time’s sake.

I had such high hopes for this one and was prepared to sing praises.

I got this at a discount chemist for about AUD5.99 or so in Sydney. I thought it would be a great shampoo to have back in Malaysia as it promised to be anti-frizz, anti-static, and anti-humidity (I’m pretty sure the English grammar is wrong here somewhere, but I’m assuming that it means my hair will stay sleeker and there’ll be fewer flyaways, something along those lines).

So, it’s got intense smoothing action, and promises to last for 72 hours. Not a big seller for me, since I wash my hair every day and at most, every other day (but no, I can’t. Hair too thick). It’s got strengthening phyto-keratin and that magical oil we’ve all been hearing about, argan oil.


Honestly speaking though, the amount of argan oil in most products tend to be quite negligible so I guess it’s a nice to have, but you won’t see much of a difference. Phyto-Keratin is what interested me the most, as it’s supposed to help strengthen hair, and is a conditioning agent of sorts that helps increase shine while balancing the moisture levels in hair.

The good? Well, my hair was a little sleeker and smoother.

The bad? GOOD GOD I was dropping more hair than I normally did! OY. And this was apparent even when I was using it in Australia. I thought, “OK, maybe the water here is too hard or the weather is not something I’m used to”, and brought it home. Now that I’m home, I can see the difference when I use this shampoo versus other shampoos. I repeat: I drop more hair than normal and it’s apparent after I wash it. I’ll wake up in the morning, pick up all the strands of hair and secretly cry inside. Then I’ll switch to another shampoo and breathe a sigh of relief.

Seriously? That bad? I don’t even want to believe it myself, but it is bad. I couldn’t find this particular range when I was in Priceline so I’m not entirely sure if it was a discontinued line.

That being said, not everything from Garnier is a fail. I brought back another Garnier skincare product with me that I’ve been loving for a while and hopefully I’ll get the time to review it soon!

Haaaappy Hump Day!


6 thoughts on “Review: Garnier Fructis Fortifying Shampoo (Sleek & Shine 72H)

    • They’re actually not all bad – I remembered using a Garnier shampoo back at uni. Maybe I was just unlucky…and I couldn’t find it in Priceline so maybe it was discontinued for a reason?

  1. I have the same problem with pantene and sunsilk, but they do make my hair sleeker. So I am guessing sleeker = heavier = hair loss. I’ll admit that is not the most scientific approach but oh well..

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