I’ll be honest – I was never a lipstick girl previously, not since that end-of-year kindergarten concert where I was forced to wear that awful fuchsia-bright, sticky, waxy lipstick that still causes recurring nightmares today. However, upon the insistence of my mother (“Lipstick brightens the face, just try it, you’ll see – and don’t be silly, not all lipstick tastes like wax”), I caved and decided to give lipstick a proper go last month.

This baby is what I ended up with:

Clinique Long Last Soft Matte Lipstick in Creamy Nude

I am an unabashed Clinique fan – every Clinique product I have ever tried has left me satisfied and happy – so I suppose it was only natural that I sought out my first proper lipstick at Clinique. My deep-seated fear of looking like a geisha or a Moulin Rouge dancer prevented me from looking at anything except nude colours, which explains the safe colour I picked out for myself. Also, I’m a fan of the subtle and elegant look, hence picking out something matte as opposed to shiny or glossy.

Swatch – Clinique Long Last Soft Matte Lipstick in Creamy Nude

While some may consider it rather muted, I love the colour because it’s matte without being flat, and because of its versatility (great for work every day, great with heavily lined eyes for nights out) and how easy it is to match with any outfit. It also looks so natural, with just a hint of tint, in photographs – not orangy-undertoned like many nude lipsticks are. It’s brownish without washing out my yellow-undertoned skin, and sits well with a little bit of gloss applied over it.

According to the Clinique USA website,  the Long Last Soft Matte range guarantees no feathering, creeping, staining or drying out while keeping its just-applied look for hours. Does it live up to this reputation? Not one hundred percent, but it comes very close.

The lipstick doesn’t feather or creep, even in high heat and humidity, which is rather wonderful. It’s surprisingly moisturising and creamy without feeling heavy or waxy, and a nice firm swipe results in even colour across the lips – no need for double or triple application. It does keep its just-applied look for ages, provided one does not eat for the duration of that aforementioned period. Some lipsticks cling on for dear life in spite of meals – this one does not. Reapplication is absolutely necessary post-eating, but that’s the case for most, if not all lipsticks.

Pour conclure, my first lipstick experience was completely pleasant thanks to Clinique Long Last. At RM63, this is on the lower price spectrum of lipsticks on the market (i.e. MAC’s are RM80 on average, Bobbi Brown’s are RM80 and above, and Chanel’s divine Rouge Coco range retails at a wallet-burning RM95 a pop) and it does the job great. I now see the merits of lipstick and am even plotting my next purchase – but as to the colour, I might stick with a nude, except pinker, and take things step by step before I reach the territory I fear to tread: fire-engine, Mama Vixen, Dita von Teese-inspired chilli red lips! But if Sandra Bullock can do it, maybe I can too.


9 thoughts on “Review: Clinique Long Last Soft Matte Lipstick in Creamy Nude

    • Hey SdV!

      I love that this colour works on so many skin tones, and ours are just two of the lucky ones that match it well!

      We should test out others next time. Guest review? 😉

      – ksuan

  1. If you like matte lipsticks, Bloom has this range of matte lipsticks that I love. It was AUD$35 when I bought it. The only problem is that the colours are limited.

    As for Clinique, I think I’ll buy that when I start working. Student = broke.


    • Hey Ozzie!

      Ooh, bloom – I have to check them out. And Clinique lipsticks are about the same price as Bloom in Australia, I believe. Even with the conversion rates and everything! Check them out when you can. Meanwhile, lots of love from me!

      – ksuan

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    • Hey XY!

      I’ll bring it to the office on Friday and you can take a look at it yourself, how does that sound? 😉

      – ksuan

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