Hi everyone! Happy Thursday and here’s to an awesome Friday and weekend :).

So as promised, today we’ll be showing what our 2011 giveaway is. belle demoiselle is a small blog but we have been extremely lucky to use this blog as a creative outlet and meet new friends along the way. As a token of appreciation, here’s a small giveaway that we would like to share with you :).

So what we have are (L-R):

  • Body lotion from TLC
  • 2 travel-sized hair styling creams from Lucidol
  • Shimmer powder/highlighter in Rose Pearl from Estee Lauder
  • Pure Pops lip gloss in Pink Cupcake from Estee Lauder
  • Penultimate Brow Marker in Brown from MAC
  • Retractable brush from Estee Lauder

We’ll also be throwing in a Stila Petal Infusions moisturizer for oily skin (sorry, I can’t find my picture for that), but if the winner doesn’t have oily skin, we’ll throw in a mini Soap & Glory  Hand Food 🙂 How’s that?



All of these are our personal favorites and hopefully you’ll like them too :).

To enter this giveaway:

  1. “Like” our Facebook page (if the link doesn’t work, it’s http://www.facebook.com/belledemoiselle87).
  2. Leave a comment on our Facebook page or in the comment box below on what you like about belle demoiselle and one thing we can improve on (be it reviews, language, range of products, etc)
  3. We’ll then use a random generator to pick the winner.
  4. This giveaway is open to Malaysian and Singapore readers.
  5. The closing date is November 13 (so that’s 1 month!) and we’ll post it to you :).

Thank you everyone for your kind support.


21 thoughts on “2011 Giveaway

  1. Hi there! I like reading your reviews because they’re always very informative! So please keep them coming! Would love to see more posts on makeup products please 🙂

  2. Hello, it’s nice reading your reviews because you have quite a range of skincare brands here, and you update often compared to other reviewers. your blog skin is rather plain, perhaps it’s time for you to add some color to it =)

  3. hey there! i like to refer to your blog about skincare! especially before i lotion! XD somehow i feel that u have many of them hehe. and i like the way u describe and review a certain product. unlike some bloggers, your post are not too brief and has gave enough detailed information =)

    As for improvement, well, personally i feel that the sidebox of cosmetics, fashion links are quite in the way……..i could easily google them…….
    i would prefer u to put your blog post’s categories lay out at the side instead of having to choose every time…Its a pain to scroll all the way to find a certain category….
    but hey this is only my opinion k!

  4. I like read your blog on info skincare products,cosmetics,And shampoo. Your review give me get to know more of the product which I no use before, keep up the good work. it will be great if you add more hair care product for review.

    About your blog perhaps use three column template for a change

    • Thanks for dropping by and for your feedback, Sherry! 🙂 Hopefully we will bring you more hair care product reviews in the future – we do like to use our skin and hair care products for at least a month before reviewing them on the blog, so we are better placed to write comprehensive reviews!

  5. Hi! Just found your blog via mywomenstuff fb page. Its nice to find some of the things that I am eyeing for in your reviews! Will definitely take your opinions into consideration the next time I purchase some beauty stuffs. =)

    • Thanks for the kind feedback Joey! We’re glad you enjoy reading what we write, and we’ll do our best to keep bringing you good reviews 🙂

  6. Hey guys, i love your posts about make up and skincare reviews! Really helpful and interesting. The best part is that i can get most of them in Sg! I love reading your blog, maybe pictures from your trips could be nice! 🙂

    • Hey there sweetmonsoon, thanks so much for your feedback 🙂 We hope you keep reading, and do leave us comments on the products that you have managed to try for yourself!

  7. Hye, i would like to join this giveaway…
    What i like about belle demoiselle is the product reviews. it really helps me before purchase any product..for improvement, i just hope u can add more reviews every weeks for skincare, hair product, body, face, etc…

  8. Hey there, thanks for having this giveaway!

    I like how you girls write the reviews on products, very precise and easily understood.

    Since a suggestion of change is asked of us, I’d say the category-drop-list. I’d prefer it to be a list at the sidebar as it would definitely be easier to navigate 🙂 Just my 2cents.


    • Hi Charlotte, thank you for your input! Yeah, the category list is quite a tad long so we’re seeing what we can do. Good luck 🙂 Thanks for your support.

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  10. your reviews are honest and you even include the price of the products you are reviewing too! i like that a lot as it tells me whether its in my budget.

    maybe you can do more hauls post? but what i would really love is reviews on comparisons between two or more similar products from different brands. 🙂

    • Hi Wen Ny, thank you for your kind words and for your support. Definitely a great idea to do more hauls post and comparisons. Good luck 🙂

  11. Hi Belle Demoiselles!

    I like your blog because you have reviewed some beauty products which I had my eye (and heart!) on and which are physically within my reach!

    For example, the Sephora Collection Mineral Foundation Compact, Bourjois Micellar Cleansing Water (almost within reach) and Clinique’s famed Black Honey lippy (one day I’ll get it)! These products are very accessible and budget-friendly for the everyday girl 🙂

    I think you should keep your blog going as you see fit, as that is what makes each blogger’s blog unique – their tastes and personality.

    If I could suggest a change, maybe you could consider removing the “Beauty and Well-Being” links column on the right of your blog page. If I need to find a brand’s site, I can easily google it.

    Cheers! XOXO

    • Thanks so much for the very constructive feedback, milktea 🙂 We’re grateful for your keen readership and keen eye for detail! Best of luck for the giveaway. xo

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