I’m writing this post with a big 😦 on my face because I’m thinking about my body skin downfalls – I’ve got dull skin tone, I scar easily, I’ve got funny marks, and it goes on. Can you imagine my horror upon returning from Outward Bound School? I got bitten by a million sandfleas/flies/bugs and the bites have left a host of brown marks on my legs. I swear they’re mocking me *grumpy face*.

So what can I do?

Run off to the pharmacy!

So according to Dr. Google, vitamin E is great for reducing scars. It also has moisturizing properties. Off I went in search of the cheapest vitamin E cream I could find (what else?). I think I scored pretty well on the money meter for Derma Health’s SkinLabs Concentrated Vitamin E Cream, which was priced at a super affordable RM49 for a duo pack of 200ml and 100ml tubes.

And because I’m compensating for the lack of pictures and posts by me, here’s another picture explaining the goodness of vitamin E:

One important thing to note is this product’s tagline: 10,000 iu of Vitamin E. What does that mean?

iu, or IU, stands for International Units. It’s the unit of measurement for the amount of a substance based on biological effects. This unit of measure is used for biological agents like vitamins, medications and the like. Basically the higher the IU, the more potent the substance is.

OK enough pictures (or maybe one more later)…review now!

It’s lightly scented, reminded me a little of talcum powder and upon application, I was amazed to see how quickly it absorbed into my skin. I’ve tried lotions from Palmer’s, good ol’ J&J, The Body Shop, and NONE of them come close to the amazing absorbancy that is Derma Health’s SkinLabs. That meant I could hop into bed immediately upon application because I didn’t have that sticky, wet feeling (urm…) that I normally get with other lotions. Texture-wise, it’s not too thick and reminded me of a gel-cream consistency, but slightly creamier.

Results? My scaly legs were more moisturized and the dry crack lines were much faded. My bug bites are still there but they’ve faded over time, though I don’t know how much of that is due to the cream or me getting tanned. I’m happy to report no side effects from this lotion, physiologically or financially ;). A 200ml tube sets you back about RM34+, whereas a 100ml tube is around RM24-29+, so it makes more sense to buy the duo pack. I must’ve done some calculation back then which either showed me that together, RM49 for 300ml was cheaper than buying the 200ml one too :p. If you’re lucky, sometimes you’ll get it at Guardian for lucky RM48.88 instead of RM49.00 too.

How does this compare with Bio-Oil? Bio-Oil is infinitely slicker and well, oilier (duh), so it takes FOREVER and a day to absorb. By the time I’m done massaging the oil in I probably have toned legs but I’m too lazy to rub rub rub it in anyway. Derma Health SkinLabs’ lotion is perfect. I can watch TV, perch on my computer chair and watch anime, and not worry about oily marks on my furniture. Within reason though, I’m not telling you to immediately sit on your dad’s expensive leather chair. But you get the picture.


19 thoughts on “Review: Derma Health’s SkinLabs Concentrated Vitamin E Cream

    • Hi Pamelo, thanks for stopping by. I’ve been trying this on and off as a night moisturizer as I think it will be too thick for daily use. So far no breakouts πŸ™‚

    • Hi! I have a combination skin type. I have been using this twice daily on my face for about one week now. So far so good. No breakouts, skin feels smoother and refined.

  1. Hye I saw this at Guardian too & was thinking of purchasing it. But I am wondering about its effectiveness. How long did it took for you to achieve even skin tone by using this product?

    • Hi Aisyah, thank you for stopping by. You need to be quite disciplined with this product, and it’s something you need to use for a few months before you see any efficacy. I managed to get rid of my bite scars within two months; it faded to a very light brown, and another 2 months before it completely disappeared.

    • I did, but I applied very little πŸ™‚ Literally a drop, and I rubbed it around my fingers to spread it out, and gently patted it into my skin. I have oily skin so I only put it on zits that I freshly popped (oops!) and I don’t ever use it as a moisturizer. More of like a ‘treatment’ thing.

      • I also have oily skin but I was thinking of using it as a moisturiser & also to clear up my zits. I heard that some ppl faced breakouts after applying vitamin e cream on zits:/ Anyway, I managed to purchase the product today. Yeayyy!! Hopefully it’ll do its magic on my skin πŸ™‚

        • Hi Aisyah, good luck πŸ™‚ Don’t put on too much – just a very small amount. Our oily skins tend to balk at the idea of additional oily moisture 😦

          • Thanks for your advice! Yeah, I tried using it as a moisturizer then my face became more oily. Now I’m using it as a treatment too πŸ™‚

    • Hi Jamie, does your child have a skin problem that requires lotion? I would suggest that you do a small test patch and apply it on one area on your child’s skin first and see if there are any reactions.

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