Nars St Moritz

Hi lovelies!

Nars released a new foundation called the Velvet Matte Skin Tint which I thought may be right up my alley. I picked up a tube in the shade St Moritz from Malaysia and had the chance to try it in Paris. So how does it fare? Read on!

The website says:
“The new matte. Uncovered. Introducing velvet matte skin tint SPF 30 instant gratification. Effortless application. Protects and perfects with a soft matte finish. Medium buildable coverage. Oil-free. All-day wear.”

First off, the product has a really odd smell. Not entirely unpleasant, it smells almost like oranges, or something citrus-y. I don’t recall any other Nars product having a scent so this was strange!

For a skin tint, the formula is thicker than expected but it also affords more coverage than expected. Nars appears to be a brand which have no idea how to name their products or they are doing it intentionally! Sheer foundations which aren’t sheer and skin tints which aren’t tints. Either way it works for me as I definitely need the coverage! A pea and a half size is enough to cover my whole face. I find that it’s not as emollient as the Sheer Glow or Sheer Matte formulas so it takes a little while to work it into the skin. However once it’s blended in it really does cover all the redness, even though it’s not completely flawless particularly when compared to the Sheer Glow/Sheer Matte line.

I also find the formula to be really dry on my skin. I usually have oily skin but this formulation catches on the dry patches on my nose and cheeks, therefore I have to make sure my face is well moisturized. Towards the end of the day or if it has been humid or raining the foundation starts to rub off as well in little smudges. I’m not sure that it lives up to its all day wear claim!

Ultimately however, the shade I have bought is just that little bit too light for my skin, and because the formula doesn’t quite melt into my skin the difference is a little stark. It works best in the winter when I am generally more pale.

Would I re-purchase? Probably not. I feel as if there are better and more foundations out there, even tinted moisturizers, which would provide a nicer coverage and feel across the skin. The Nars Sheer Glow foundation is one among two of my favourite bases but I just don’t get along well with Nars more recent formulas. Tres unfortunate.

Watch the video below for my first impressions and try-on of the Nars Velvet Matte Skin Tint!


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