I went climbing a few weeks ago and brought along the new Biore Body Powder Wipes. I generally don’t use public shower rooms, so to freshen up, I bring along a quick-dry towel, dampen it and wipe all over. Boy, am I glad I had these wet wipes this time around!

There are two fragrances: Fresh Soap and Fresh Citrus.


The Biore Body Powder Wipes are wet tissues that purportedly remove sweat, oil and stickiness with just one wipe. It also leaves behind superfine, translucent powder to give long lasting smoothness. Beware if you’re wearing dark clothes! Pat the powder off your skin as best as you can before putting on your shirt.

Here are the ingredients list:


I preferred the Citrus-fragranced one because the Soap scent was too cloying. Also, these wipes contain alcohol so it can be a tad drying on the skin. The alcohol is great for anti-bacterial purposes but I would definitely follow up with a moisturizer later. Also – I wouldn’t recommend this for your face – alcohol as the second ingredient? Definitely not a good idea for the face. Body skin is much tougher.


For RM7.90 per pack, it’s not a bad price really. For a strenous activity like climbing, I use up three to four pieces, which may seem quite a lot, but I’m putting this aside for really sweaty activities. Available in selected Watsons outlets in Malaysia end August onwards.

Disclaimer: Product was provided by the company for review purposes. We strive to be as objective and honest in our reviews sa possible.


4 thoughts on “Review: Biore Body Powder Wipes (Fresh Citrus and Fresh Soap Fragrances)

  1. I bought a pack in Japan after bf and I went hiking and it worked a treat! Its as bit too drying though so I wouldn’t use it all the time. The skin on my hands peeled a bit the next day. Btw, they sell this in monster tissue box sizes as well for lazy people.

    • Yikes! Guess the alcohol content in here doesn’t serve to thin out anything else but your skin :(. How long ago did it come out in Japan? I think it’s funny that they sell it in monster packs. Might be a lot more economical!

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