I CANNOT wait for Christmas. This year felt like a long time coming, I want to run around and sing Christmas songs and cuddle up for movies and have everything lit up with sparkles. Dear Santa, I’ve been extremely good this year, I’ve even sorted out Christmas shopping early! Here’s my Christmas Gift Guide for 2016, some of which will be showing up under people’s trees 😉


Jewellery can be quite personal, but make beautiful gifts for that special someone you know or even for someone you know who needs something special. My love for delicate bling have extended to jewellery beyond rings. Mejuri has lovely handcrafted fine jewellery at affordable prices, and there are so many pieces I have my eye on.

Other amazing designers includes Catbird, Astley Clarke, and Natalie Marie.


I know, I am all for personal gifts this year. Perfume is another top pick, but it helps to know what your intended recipient likes! Certain notes may be delicious to one person but not to another, but the good news is that it’s quite easy these days to sample various fragrances (at Sephora or any large department stores) or to google the underlying notes. I am absolutely loving the Replica range by Maison Margiela, the bottles are so chic and many are unisex.

Other options include fragrance trial sets, or candles for the home, such as the holiday collection from Diyptique, or diffusers from Bodyshop.


Something a little more versatile, I’ve been obsessed with finding a bag for someone super chic in my family. Bags or accessories are great regardless if you’re looking for someone older or younger and for all price points. Two of my favourite brands to look at are Rebecca Minkoff and Kate Spade as they have such a beautiful range of products, some perfectly chic and others a little more fun.

Alternatively, perhaps some cute things to put into the bag, or to decorate or something monogrammed!


How could I have a Christmas Gift Guide without throwing in some makeup and skincare options? I enjoying browsing and shopping at Sephora and there are some amazing sets out for Christmas. The lip game is strong this year, there’s always a little something special about a beautiful lipstick.

I have to admit, all of these are on my wish-list! Have someone who loves colour? How about a barely there makeup look? Love to pamper themselves or need a little pampering? Take your pick 😉


One of the things I love to do on my travels is to collect artwork, small one-of-a-kind painted memories to bring home with me. Gifting art or prints or photos can be difficult, particularly to match someone’s aesthetics, but there are endless options on Minted and Etsy. You could also try a custom map print from Mapiful!

Bits and Bobs

Other ideas? Board games, writing sets, coffee table books, travel accessories, planters and more….

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