Hello darlings!

I’m back with a review that’s been sitting on my desk for awhile. These little pretties arrived ages ago (I know, I know), and I’ve been trying them out, with some mixed feelings. When Clinique released the first Cheek Pop Blush Pop (that’s a mouthful), I was drawn to these cute bright and clear compacts with the beautiful raised embossed peonies….daisies…alright I’m not great with flower names, but these are just very pretty. However I didn’t automatically buy any. Not even one. I have no idea why, maybe I was practising some form of restraint shopping scheme. In any case, Clinique released more shades later and I ordered in two: Ginger Pop (which I think is part of their original line up) and Cola Pop (which I think is limited edition- tell me if it’s not).

clinique cheek pop 2

So how do they fare? Read on!

Clinique says:

“Vibrant yet natural looking cheek colour that looks virtually powderless. In a silky smooth, stay true formula with shades for every skin tone. That just pinched look, simply effortless.”

That sounds nice doesn’t it? Sadly, these Cheek Pops made it into my Disappointing Products (video below) and here’s why.

The colours are so beautiful. When you swatch the Cheek Pops, they’re just so pigmented and luminous and vibrant and smooth and I want my cheeks to be luminous and vibrant and smooth and lovely! And yet, where is the colour…where is the luminosity?? I get nothing! Well, maybe just a teensy little something, but that’s really not enough. I’ve used my usual blush brush (real techniques), buffing brush, synthetic brush, non-synthetic brush…but it feels like nothing picks up the product. Therefore nothing deposits the product on my cheeks. Frustration. There’s no use having a beautiful product if it doesn’t actually show up.

Having said that, two days after the video I decided to try to just apply using my fingers and it made a world of difference. I didn’t try just using my fingers before because the Cheek Pops aren’t really a cream formula, they’re more akin to the Estee Lauder gelee formula, a sort of creamy powder. It turns out that patting the product on is much more efficient, and gave that true to colour look. It’s not ideal, because swirling my fingers in the pan is likely to wear out that lovely embossed flower, but it works.

clinique cheek pop 3

Ginger Pop is a peachy coral. It looks slightly muted in the photograph, but it ends up being a bright pop of warm pink on the cheeks, with a glow from the satin finish and a slight translucency. This suits a day time look especially in the spring.

Cola Pop on the other hand is a gorgeous deep berry with tinges of mahogany. I feel that it is quite unique, at least in my collection, as it’s so much more of a grown up colour with those rich red tones. While the colour can be striking, it can also be sheered out for a more wearable look.

So there goes my rather convoluted experience of the Clinique Cheek Pop Blushes. I very much enjoy them more now that I can get the colour to show. I also have Plum Pop, which I picked up as a part of a travel set, which I have yet to try. It looks like a fuchsia pink and could also be quite pretty on the cheeks.

What do you think yes belle demoiselles? Do you enjoy these Cheek Pops? Let us know if the comments below!


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