I was quickly running out of my usual Bifesta makeup remover whilst in Australia, and I ran off to a discount chemist to buy a replacement. Bioderma is available in Australia, but unfortunately at a rather exorbitant price (after conversion) and at selected outlets. So I ended up getting this for a mere AUD5.99 or so.


Garnier’s make-up remover is 1 part oil, and roughly 3 parts ‘water’. You need to shake it up like all bi-phase make-up removers. Now, unlike the usual bi-phase eye removers, Garnier’s make-up remover can be used on the face. It doesn’t leave too much of a greasy residue too. This remover performed well on both my eyes and face, and didn’t leave any stinging sensation (which can happen if the product doesn’t suit you). It’s dermatologically and opthalmologically tested.


This product is fragrance- and alcohol-free, which is great for all skin types. I find that this removes makeup a lot better than my Bifesta remover, meaning I use fewer cotton pads. Think it soaks up the makeup a lot more with each removal, thanks to the oil bit. I’d gladly repurchase – if it were easily available here! My main gripes are the packaging – I find that I can accidentally squirt a tad bit too much as it’s a flip top cap but this is a solid makeup remover that’s exceedingly gentle but tough on makeup.

Now, is anyone else going back to Australia? I’d also like some Vegemite :).

PS: I’ve been away from the blog for a while because I wasn’t inspired to write. There also have been a lot of things going on in my life that I would like to sort out first. I really admire other bloggers who are able to balance out their lives and I wish I could do the same, but maybe I’ll soon feel a bit better about things. Thank you still for coming to visit our blog, and please check out our other blog reads.


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