“Double Serum? Why? Oh…” was my reaction when I laid eyes on Clarins’ latest serum. The packaging is literal – two separate vials housing a water-based and oil-based solution respectively, connected together, combining and forming into a powerful anti-aging serum.



Clarins has 27 years of anti-aging expertise, and for this particular serum, it’s been years of research since they came out with the very first version in 1985. This latest formula has 20 of the most powerful anti-aging plant extracts, promising to deliver proven and targeted action on what Clarins calls ‘the skin’s 5 vital functions’:

  • Hydration
  • Fibre and cellular protection (anti-oxidants, to prevent fine lines and wrinkles)
  • Fibre and skin regeneration for firmness and elasticity
  • Cellular and skin oxygenation for radiance and luminosity
  • Skin nutrition for suppleness and tone

So this is where cool science happens. According to Clarins, their formula combines both water and oil-soluble ingredients with no risk of incompatability or instability, and provides skin cells with the optimum concentration of ingredients. The double pump system provides a highly precise dosage for each application too, and is always in an ideal balanced ratio.


Clarins reports that 90% of 400 Asian women judged that Double Serum was more effective than their usual serum. You’re looking at impressive figures of 100% radiant, hydrated, toned, and smooth skin, and firmness, wrinkle reduction, even complexion, and smaller pores in the 90s.


I tested this for 1 month and I felt that my skin was smoother and a little brighter. It absorbed quickly into my skin and didn’t leave a greasy residue. I then passed it on to my mom, who’s in her 50s and she said that her skin felt more hydrated and slightly firmer. I was initially worried that this might break me out due to the presence of mineral oil, but after a week or so of some tiny zits, my skin cleared up. I did check with Clarins on whether you can use this when you have zits, and they recommended not to. So I suppose you should only use this when your skin is stable.

How many plant extracts are there in this formula again? 5? 10? Try 20. Gee-whiz. It’s way too long to list, but there are extracts such as cangzhu, organic macadamia oil, kiwi, green tea, and green banana. Here’s the ingredients list:


Double Serum retails for RM280 for 30ml at all Clarins counters.

Disclaimer: This product was provided by PR for review purposes. For more information, please see our disclaimer policy.


Clarins 2013 Planner

On a separate note, Clarins has a community project called Clarins We Care, and this year they formed an alliance with SK Sri Kelana, a school with an astounding record of environmental initiatives. Clarins chose 12 of the best artwork from 120 participants in the recent “Friends of the Earth” drawing contest, to be part of the design of Clarins “Treasure Nature” 2013 Planner. 100% of the proceeds from sales of the planner will be used to purchase educational tools for 3 charity homes.

You can find the Clarins 2013 planner at all Clarins counters in November and December at RM12.




7 thoughts on “Review: Clarins Double Serum – Complete Age Control Concentrate

  1. Hi if i am planning to buy the skII essence, can i get this serum too?
    Should I be using a serum together with the essence?
    Typically I would wash and moisturize – i know, very limited skin care which is why id like to improve.
    Whats a good regime that incorporates the essence and serum or should I only be using one?

    • Hi Nis, I think you should get what suits your skin type. We all react differently to products and ingredients.

      The SK-II essence is sort of a ‘pre-serum’, which helps other skincare penetrate better.

      If your current skincare is doing you well, I would recommend you stick to it. If you’re planning on introducing new products, introduce it one at a time, not two at a time. That way it’s easier to tell if you have a reaction, and you’ll know which product doesn’t suit you. E.g. choose between the serum and essence, and get one first.

      It’s up to you what you want to do in your regime. Some people keep it simple, others have a more elaborate routine. It’s up to you what makes a good regime. If you don’t break out or have other adverse reactions, and your skin feels and looks better, then what you’re doing is correct 🙂

  2. Hello! I love Clarins products and have been using them for years. I was very excited when I heard about this product and in my late 30s with a few lines appearing anything that will ‘Control’ ageing is worth a try.

    I have been using this for a few days now and I am amazed. From the first application my skin looked wonderful, glowy and dare I say it, youthful. The texture seemed to change too. It felt velvety and smooth. I couldn’t stop touching it as I was so shocked at how it felt.
    You apply it (well I do!) by warming the product in my hands and (how I apply it) pat it into your face rather than rub it in. I then leave it so soak in for a few minutes before applying moisturiser (I use Clarins Multi Active).

    It may seem expensive but a little really does go a long way – and it works! Try it!

  3. Thx for your review. I have heard so many negetive ideas abt mineral oil. I just got the double serum and intensive brightening illuminate serum. How do I use them together?

    • Hi iddy, thanks for stopping by. I would say pick one over the other. Maybe use the double serum at night and intensive in the morning?

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