elizabeth arden 1
The 8 Hour Moisturising series from Elizabeth Arden is a long term cult favourite that just gets the job done and for good reason. The face cream and lip balm is touted to be among the best and forms part of Lisa Eldridge’s kit, and I absolutely love her so I was quite excited to try the lip balm when my mom picked it up from the Melbourne airport for AUD10.00!

It comes in a medicinal looking portable tin which I quite like, just very no nonsense but still look nice on the bedside table. It doesn’t match the chic packaging of my Nuxe Reve de Miel but the product inside is what is important, and excuse my language, but damn is it good.
elizabeth arden 2
There’s a fresh lemony scent that smells so lovely, like just cut ripe lemons which I absolutely enjoy. The product feels like compressed oil that melts against the skin. Using my fourth finger I can easily rub it around a few times to lift the product and apply the balm to my lips, which does feel very silky and lasts at least 4 to 5 hours before I need to reapply. It’s less thick than the Nuxe but lasts longer. I’ve been suffering from really dry and chapped lips which were becoming very painful and peeling for a few months and nothing was helping, and this 8 hour balm fixed the problem in two days. It’s extremely hydrating and moisturising, feels great to use and has done a lot to repair all the dryness and peeling so much so that I am actually dedicatedly slathering it on every day, something that I usually fail to do. Do I sound like a fangirl yet? Count me in as a 100% convert!

I haven’t seen the tin form of the lip balm anywhere else aside from the airport but I’m also keen to just pick up a few of the normal tubes to keep in my bag because the product is so awesome. And for 10 bucks? BARGAIN. If you see them, be sure to grab a few!
Highly SDV recommended here on belle demoiselle!

What is your favourite lip balm?


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