Happy Sunday, readers! Life has been hectic lately but I wanted to quickly write up and share with you this rapid-fire post on two recent empties.


I love this Yves Rocher Jardins du Monde shower gel in Laotian Lotus Flower. As an undergraduate in Paris back in 2007/8, this was my favourite of all the Yves Rocher shower gels and I used it religiously until I had to leave France and come back to Asia and Australia – lands where there was, woefully, no Yves Rocher. To my great delight, I discovered a couple of month ago that Yves Rocher is now in Singapore, with outlets at Westgate and Takashimaya. I have gotten right back into these shower gels ever since.

The Laotian lotus flower scent is an absolute dream: fresh, light, floral but not cloying, delicate. The scent also lingers on skin for hours after a shower, which is quite wonderful and is perfect for days when you don’t feel like wearing perfume, but still want to smell good!Also, this is an extra-effective shower gel in terms of getting rid of dirt, dust and grime without drying out the skin as some shower gels tend to do. I already have a backup bottle waiting in the wings, and am planning on expanding my Yves Rocher shower gel repertoire – their lime and pomegranate-scented variants smell great and deserve a try. Nevertheless, I think my utmost loyalties will always lie with Laotian lotus flower, and I hope they never decide to discontinue it!

Yves Rocher’s shower gels come in 200ml recyclable plastic squeezy bottles and retail for SG$ 7.00 each, but are often sold in “buy 2 get 1 free” bundles.

I also used up this travel-size tube of  L’Oreal Everstrong Sulfate-Free Thickening ConditionerIt’s targeted at folk who are experiencing hair thinning problems, and seek to fortify their hair and scalp to prevent hair fall and breakage. As far as immediate effectiveness goes, I couldn’t find much fault with this product – it kept my hair tame, manageable, sleek, and did help reduce breakage. As to long-term benefits, it is difficult to extrapolate based on one 50ml travel tube’s worth of use! I am contemplating a repurchase, but there is one factor holding me back: the scent. I don’t really care for the overwhelmingly floral (supposedly rosemary and juniper?) scent of this conditioner, and the fact that the scent clings stubbornly to hair for the entire day after a wash makes me even more wary of repurchasing! The verdict’s not completely out for this one.

Lastly, I finished a tube of L’Oreal Professionel Pro-Keratin Refill Conditioner. This product is aimed at people with damaged, fine, limp hair that would benefit from a little extra love and care. I love the scent of this conditioner – smells like coconuts, with a hint of sweetness. Unfortunately, I think this conditioner will not go on my repurchase list because it is a little too heavy for my fine hair, and even more so in this humid, hot weather. The first few times I used it it did wonders for the tips of my hair, kept them in place and smoothed out my dry ends. However, over time it became clear that this conditioner was a bit too rich and my hair began feeling a bit weighed down. I would recommend this for ladies who have dry hair with dry ends or split ends, but not any of you who grapple with greasy hair problems like me. A 200ml tube retails at about SG$16.00.


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