Hello everyone, and happy Monday! Here’s wishing you all a productive week ahead. Our friends at Enavose Singapore recently sent me a lovely box containing three travel-sized products, perfect for the lady on the go. Here’s a closer look at them:


L-R: Essencious Invisible Sunbrella UV Mist SPF45, Essencious Mineral Concentrate Refresh Mist, 1st Line FloraComfort Micellar Cleansing Water 

Those of you who have visited this blog a few times know by now that I love my all-natural products, and this kit boasts nothing but the best in naturals. And I do love all three products 🙂

Previously, I reviewed the Invisible Sunbrella UV Mist SPF45 here, and the FloraComfort Micellar Cleansing Water here. Hint: both reviews were glowing, and I am still a happy user 😉 So click away for more details!

For now, though, let’s delve into the Mineral Concentrate Refresh Mist. It comes in a hygienic, sturdy, no-nonsense little spray bottle that dispenses a nice dose of fresh deep sea mineral, vitamin-infused fruit water with each spritz. I love this stuff because it is so rejuvenating and soothing, especially after a long day at school/work. It also helps protect skin against UVA-induced damage.

All three products come together in the highly pragmatic Enliven Travel Kit. In combination, these products keep skin hydrated, fresh, protected from the elements, and squeaky clean. Plus, they are all under 100ml so you can tote them with you on the plane without being stopped by cranky airport security personnel at the gate!

As a lady who likes her travel (I was nicknamed ‘The Wanderer’ in high school for a reason), I dig this travel kit. It can be so awfully tiresome trying to find products in the right size and to meet specific travel-related purposes (who here hates super-dry post-long haul flight skin as much as I do?), so I was pretty chuffed to have this kit in my stash.

You can purchase this affordable travel kit at the Air Asia Megastore for only MYR 84.00! Talk about good value. It’s also available on board all AK-coded AirAsia flights.

Should you been keen to explore Enavose’s range further, head down to the  Enavose Concept Store at Suntec City Mall, Tower 3, @02-079/081 and at the Enavose Beauty Counter at Tangs, VivoCity Beauty Hall.

However, If you’re more an online shopping kind of girl, just head to www.enavose.com or the Enavose Facebook e-Store and take your pick there. They also offer free islandwide shipping throughout Singapore 🙂

Disclaimer: This product was provided to us for review. belle demoiselle operates on a total honesty policy, and only our truest opinions and experiences are reflected in our writing :)


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