Recently, I succumbed to the siren call of nude nail temptation and purchased the first pretty shade I saw at the pharmacy. Please allow me to introduce you to Maybelline’s Color Show Nail Polish in 501 Silk Stockings.

This is a really beautiful nude for all reasons and seasons. It’s a shimmering pink shade with silvery overtones and brown undertones. It catches light easily, and pulls more pink or more brown depending on what kind of light you’re under. I love that the shade is super-wearable, versatile, and delightfully easy to match with any outfit or occasion. In other words, a great staple nude for lazy girls like myself 🙂

The formula is a little more fluid than what you’d expect of a nail polish, so some care is required during application. Two coats are required for full opacity, and I continue to be surprised at how quickly it dries, even without drying drops or Seche Vite. I’ve never experienced smudging after application with this formula, even if I accidentally bump my nails against a desk or absent-mindedly scratch something right after painting it on. This makes it quite appealing for my klutzy self.

Unfortunately, this hardiness does not last for long. Tip wear begins after 24 hours, with chipping starting at about 48 hours. It’s a real shame! By the end of the week, my nails look like a hot mess – so when I do wear Silk Stockings, I have to touch up every two to three days. This is a little bit of a pain, I’m not going to lie.

I bought my little bottle for a very affordable SG$ 6.90. Would I recommend Silk Stockings to the discerning nail polish fan? If you’re after the shade, absolutely. But if you’re after a drugstore nail polish with hardcore staying power, perhaps not. For that, I would gently nudge you towards the Rimmel display instead!


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