I’m just so happy to amass a large collection of empties this month. Let’s go!


Clockwise from top left:

  • Derma Health’s Skin Labs Concentrated Vitamin E body moisturizer, full review here. Will repurchase. Absorbs quickly and helps alleviate some dryness. Has a mild talc fragrance.
  • Biotherm Hydra D-Tox eye gel. Packaging is a big plus here as it’s a hygienic pump bottle, but didn’t deliver on its promises: to alleviate puffiness and dark circles. I bought it last year during a Lancome warehouse sale at RM50 and I don’t think it was worth it.
  • Bio-Oil. I like the scent – it’s very comforting and down-to-earth. However I didn’t use it consistently to see any major benefits. May or may not repurchase.
  • MooGoo Cream Conditioner, full reviewΒ here. Very nice and potential repurchase, albeit pricey. Scalp-safe too!

20120725-105343.jpgClockwise from top left:

  • Marks & Spencer Lily of the Valley shower cream. Got it as a gift. I don’t mind it too much but the smell was a little old lady-ish for me. Didn’t dry out my skin.
  • Johnson & Johnson’s 24-hour body lotion. I have a tendency to tear off the product labels because I’m so fidgety. Lovely scent, may repurchase. Quick absorbing too.
  • The Body Shop Olive shower gel. For something purportedly moisturizing, it actually dried out my skin more. I also don’t like derived olive fragrances, though I love to eat them. No way am I repurchasing this. Anyway I nicked this out of my brother’s bathroom cabinet so it’s alright, no money wasted.
  • Bifesta/Mandom Cleansing Express. I’ve reviewed this twice and this is my HG makeup remover, enough said. I think I run through this a little too fast for my liking though. Hmmmmm.

Did you manage to get any empties out this month? Let us know!


9 thoughts on “July Empties and Quickie Reviews: Derma Health, Biotherm Hydra D-Tox, MooGoo, Bio-Oil,Marks & Spencers, Johnson & Johnson, Mandom/Bifesta, The Body Shop

  1. love the background! good job ksuan! Anyway Dom, I face the same issue with the Mandom cleansing lotion. Love it to death but it runs out too quickly! Awesome stuff nonetheless!

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