We’ve had really good experiences with Human Heart Nature products so far – you can check out all related reviews here. Let’s see if HHN’s Sunflower Beauty Oil is another winner.


HHN’s Sunflower Beauty Oil comes in a travel-friendly 50ml, rubberized plastic pump package. I haven’t taken it on travels yet but I’ve had it for a few months and I didn’t experience any leaking. It’s pure cosmetic-grade sunflower oil, packed with vitamins A, D, and E. This product is touted as one of those ‘everything’ products – it can be used as a hair oil, makeup remover, to lighten dark circles and underarms as well as scars or pimple marks, soften cuticles, as a body moisturizer, and so on.

Big question is – did it work?

It took me a while to stick to a regular application routine, because it smells like cooking oil. It’s not unpleasant per se but it was just very odd to go around smelling of cooking oil. Nonetheless, in the name of beauty blogging, I’ve tried out the beauty oil for these purposes:

  • Hair oil: A drop is more than enough. Rub on palms, pat on hair. Best used as a pre-wash treatment, so that you can wash out the smell. I’ve left it on as an overnight treatment (sleep with a towel on top of your pillow, or an old pillow case), and woke up with soft, tameable hair. There was a slight sheen to my hair which I liked, and by morning the scent wasn’t too discernible.
  • Lightening scars: Saw some mild improvement on smaller pimple marks.
  • Makeup remover: Performed well, but a little on the thicker side.  I used it like a cleansing oil – on dry face, rub is around, emulsify with water, rub more, and rinse. HHN does have a sunflower cleansing oil, which would be great.
  • Moisturizer (body and cuticles. Not on the face as I have oily skin): Really good. It even lightened my cuticles which was great. I have dark cuticles for some reason, and this lightened my cuticles marvelously. Maybe one day I’ll have those Sally Hansen-esque nails.
  • Dry patches: I’ve had snake skin on my shins for a long time, and it will take time to get rid of them. I found that this beauty oil provided the intense moisturizing I needed, but the patches are still there. Might need a few months for it to heal properly.


Bear in mind that the oil is on the thicker side, so less is more. All you need to do is warm it up using your fingers or palm (depending on the amount), and emulsify it. I haven’t tried it on my undereyes or as a facial moisturizer because I tend to get blackheads/whiteheads with rich oils, plus I’m still recovering from my acne attack, so I’ll probably revisit this oil again when my skin’s healed properly.

Aside from the smell, I highly recommend this product. It’s wallet-friendly at RM19.90, and if you’re scared of smelling like fresh cooking oil (hey, at least it smells of fresh cooking oil, not the black one), use it at night. I usually massage the oil in so that I don’t get any of it on my clothes or bedsheets, so it’s like I’m unwinding before going to bed.

You can find HHN items from Down to Earth.

Disclaimer: This product was provided by the distributor for review purposes. For more information, please read our disclaimer policy.


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