I was fortunate enough recently to participate in a Clinique Singapore contest on Facebook, and guess what? I won! Clinique Singapore very kindly sent me two of their new Quickliner for Eyes Intense shades as a present. I was all too eager to give these babies a whirl.

Here are the new shades that have just been introduced to Singapore:


And here is what the website says about these dainty little liners:

No need to be subtle when it’s now so easy to move into the deepest, most dramatic range. Find all the intensity of a liquid liner in one simple stroke. Silky formula glides on. Stays on all day. Never needs sharpening. “Smoke” with the smudge tip on the opposite end. Ophthalmologist Tested.Two great ways to wear it:

  • Create a dramatic winged-eye look. 
  • Use it as a long-lasting eye shadow. 


To begin, at the risk of sounding awfully gushy, I love these liner shades. Love. Take a look at these swatches!


Please forgive the less than stellar photo. What you see here doesn’t actually do the liners justice, but this is the best I could do for the moment. Apologies, ladies!

Anyhow – the photo above depicts Intense Truffle at the top and Intense Aubergine at the bottom. Just a single stroke per liner, and so much intensity already achieved!

Intense Truffle is probably the most perfect taupe shade I’ve come across in a liner to date. It’s got elements of brown, a bit of grey, some champagne, a bit of purple under certain lighting, some shimmer – just loveliness. It’s a great daytime liner shade that accentuates the eyes without being too in-your-face, and if smudged out it simply looks like you’ve used a shimmery, neutral shadow over your lids for a fun, natural, my-eyes-but-better look.

Intense Aubergine is a gorgeous black with purple undertones. You can’t see the purple in the swatch per se, but you do see it when you’ve lined your eyes and the deep purple-black makes brown eyes pop and appear more sultry. This is one sexy, feminine shade. I can’t wait to wear it to an evening occasion, smudged out at the edges to create a soft smoky eye that’s slightly different from the usual grey or black.

Now let’s talk formula. These liners are super creamy. They glide on with amazing ease, and zero drag. You don’t need to go over your lashline twice with these liners – one soft stroke deposits the right amount of rich colour. I’ve never had this happen with any liner before, and I was mighty impressed.

However, this formula’s creaminess means that it’s not the hardiest eyeliner pencil in the world. When applying, you have to use a light hand, otherwise the tip of the liner snaps off and you’re forced to twist up and use more product than you’d intended. I have a feeling this is exacerbated by Singapore’s often unforgiving heat and humidity, which has implications for structural integrity of many makeup products. So ladies, be careful! (And maybe put the liner in the fridge a little while before using, just in case.) And while we’re talking about taking care, another quick word of caution – these liners only twist up but do not twist back down, so dispense only as much as you think you need to use!

On to performance indicators. I have oily lids, so wasn’t expecting this liner to stay put for more than a couple of hours. Surprisingly, it held up for about five before I needed to blot/touch up. I’ve also tried using both liners blended out as shadows, and they last about five hours without creasing or running too. Chalk one point up for Clinique in the battle against tropical weather!

I really am digging these liners and foresee myself using them regularly, be it for everyday use or for special occasions. Clinique has done well with these pigmented, super-smooth Quickliners.

Each Quickliner for Eyes Intense retails at SGD30.00 apiece. The new shades now available at your local Clinique counter are Intense Amethyst, Aubergine, Clove, Peacock, Peridot, Sable and Truffle.

Oh, and to wrap up, Clinique Singapore surprised me with three more bonus prizes in my gift pack – two Chubby Stick Shadow Tints for Eyes in Fullest Fudge and Big Blue, and a travel size Liquid Cleanser for Oily Combination to Oily Skin! Reviews for those will be up in the coming weeks.

Thanks Clinique Singapore, you have made this girl a very happy beauty blogger indeed! 🙂


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