clinique butter shine 2

I’m shopping my stash! Discovering hidden or forgotten gems in my collection. If I’m not mistaken these Clinique Butter Shine lipsticks are the first lipsticks I ever bought with my own money a few years back, just as I was getting interested in makeup. As such I am also pretty sure these particular colours are discontinued…or at least I can’t find them on the Clinique website but I do see shades that are quite similar….maybe they’ve been renamed (I bought mine in Singapore)?

First up the packaging. The lipsticks are housed in a silver metallic tube shaped like bamboo which is very chic and pleasant to hold.

clinique butter shine 1

The formula is very creamy and very soft and super hydrating, the consistency quite reminds me of the Revlon Lip Butters and it does feel quite balmy that slowly sinks into the lips. The colours themselves are also quite sheer, Praline more than Cinnamon Stick and I find they last about 3-4 hours and regularly need touchups especially if you’re eating or drinking. Due to the extremely emollient texture you’ll have to be careful to not leave them in the heat, Praline for example has melted in the tip even though I’ve left it in a cool drawer and smushed when I tried it on my lips.
clinique butter shine praline
Both shades are neutrals for that mlbb (my lips but better look). Praline as mentioned is the sheerer of the two, it’s a brown beige with slight pink tinge and mostly just evens out my lips. Cinnamon Stick is more of a rosy colour, very lady-like for a no fuss look. Both give a very glossy high shine look.
clinique butter shine cinnamon stick
Clinique’s Butter Shine formula lippies retail for $36 at counters near you.

Will you be trying this range? Tell us in the comments!


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