Hi ladies, did any of you catch the recent Academy Awards? Did you spot a look, or two, or three, that you marveled at? I certainly did, and I’ll now share my top three picks with you 🙂

Michelle Williams 

Michelle Williams does absolutely no wrong with this incredibly elegant look. I couldn’t help but sigh at the perfectly accentuated yet subtly done eyes, the flawless glowing skin, the delicately contoured eyebrows, and those beautiful bright rose-pink lips. Michelle pulls off effortless and feminine here in a way that I wish to someday emulate.

Jessica Chastain 

The Help‘s Jessica Chastain may be a relative newcomer to the glitzy red carpet, but her makeup here is absolutely stunning. The nude lips that she’s sporting really complements the intricate gold embroidery of her dress. I love that my eye is automatically drawn to her delicate, rosy cheeks and beautifully lined eyes. Also, her cascading ginger locks are a sight to behold. She seems to exude warmth and loveliness.

Milla Jovovich 

Hollywood’s resident queen of badassery is so smouldering, sexy and sultry here. I love that she pulls off the smoky, dramatic eye alongside a statement matte red lip without either element overpowering the other. Also, her eyebrows are perfect here. What a representation of retro glamour. Her Elie Saab gown wasn’t half bad, either.

Who were your Oscar picks for most beautiful look? Let us know 🙂

PS: Am I the only one who did not find Angelina Jolie even remotely attractive at the Oscars? I found her dress a little stiff, and she appeared rather sallow and frail in close-ups.


10 thoughts on “ksuan’s Top 3 Favourite Looks from the 2012 Oscars

  1. I have celebrity blindness so I have no idea who the celebs above are, save that they are pretty 😛 As for Ange Jolie, I thought she looked like a trashy waxy skinned vampire *nods*

    • Hey there Plue! You’re right, she does. Apparently her performance in ‘My Week with Marilyn’ is nothing short of stellar, too 🙂

  2. Michelle Williams looks beautiful! I like Emma Stone too. She looks fresh. And no, Angelina Jolie did not look good. I kinda miss her bad ass Tomb Raider days. Now, she’s all skin and bones and right leg.

    • Hi Lily 🙂 Emma Stone did look pretty too, you’re right. And Angie was far more attractive (and looked fit and healthy) during her Tomb Raider days, tis true. I don’t know how she got so thin – and it seems she’s taken Brad with her, he seems to have forgotten how to shave…

  3. I really liked Milla Jovovich and Michelle Williams’ looks that night. Hot hot hot! And Emma Stone too 😛
    Big no no on Jolie for me. She’s all kinds of pointy angles, it hurts.

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