Take a minute to look at this:

OPI Shrek Forever After Collection 2010 - Photo courtesy of Google Images

Wow! It’s the first time I’ve seen a collection without any pinks or reds! I like how OPI has a Shrek-themed Spring 2010 look and in all seriousness, we do need  a bit more fun in beauty collections right now. It’s great that OPI made the effort to have this collection themed after a kid’s movie – I think it’s a great marketing ploy ; ). Imagine kids going, “Mum, mum, I want this please. It’s got the Shrek colors!” Talk about starting ’em young and getting their loyalty.


If you’re an OPI user like I am, you know how smooth and creamy the formula is, with amazing colors and good chip-resistant quality. OPI has a great formula, and I find that I need max 2 coats to get a vivid color. I found a U.S. blog which did a write-up and am linking back the photos and reviews to this post. It’s been launched in the U.S. this month, and I’m not sure if it’s reached our shores yet but will definitely be on the lookout for this.

Fiercely Fiona - Photo Courtesy of AddictedToAllThingsPretty.com

Who the Shrek are You? - Photo Courtesy of AddictedToAllThingsPretty.com

What's With the Cattitude? - Photo Courtesy of AddictedToAllThingsPretty.com

Ogre-the-Top Blue - Photo Courtesy of AddictedToAllThingsPretty.com

Rumple's Wiggins - Photo Courtesy of AddictedToAllThingsPretty.com

Funkey Dunkey - Photo Courtesy of AddictedToAllThingsPretty.com

In case it’s nowhere to be found, try out Amazon.com as one of the many places you can potentially purchase this collection from. It’s going around U SD4.97 per color and USD31-35.00 for the full set.

ksuan’s note:

Hi girls! I found out just last week that this range is already available in Malaysia, your manicurist/pedicurist should have it at the ready!


4 thoughts on “First Look: OPI Shrek Forever After Spring 2010 Collection

  1. Hi girl, yeah I can relate. I wonder if Shellac nail polish is available now in Melb or KL. That one is purported to be very long lasting and super chip-resistant.

  2. @__@ i lurrrvee the colours! though i think it’d look much cuter on short nails instead of long manicured ones! def getting some when i get back

    • Hi Cheryl, I love the colors too! Neon polish doesn’t get worn very often (and it should). You’re right about it looking better on short nails…it’s less witch-like ; )

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