Essie ChinchillyWho knew I’d end up loving grey nails?! Chinchilly isn’t a shade I would normally pick up for myself, in fact I’ve generally avoided anything leaning towards grey but I picked this up with a few others when a new Essie stand was added to my nearest Priceline (yes back in Melbourne, more than a year ago!). I’ve put off trying it out until now, which was very silly of me, because this is gorgeous.
Essie Chinchilly 3
Chinchilly (which reminds me of chinchillas, how apt) is a grey-toned lilac and I don’t have anything like it in my collection so this is quite unusual. The shade is muted but pigmented enough to stand out. I am still unsure whether this complements my skin tone, but I think the colour is so lovely and sophisticated. Chinchilly would look amazing against winter layers and at the front row of a show.
Essie Chinchilly 2
Best of all the formula is amazing. Finally I have an Essie polish which does what everyone raves about. It applied really smoothly without bubbling or streaking. The first coat was sheer-ish, sort of like watercolour paints, an effect I rather liked, and a second opaque coat gave it the creaminess you see in the photos. I love it, the polish was so easy to apply AND it lasted for two weeks before chipping.

Definitely a must for making a reappearance!


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