My love for Bifesta/Mandom’s cleansing water knows no bounds – I always have an extra bottle lying around and pick up at least 3 bottles whenever they’re on special! You can check out those reviews here. The only issue I have with the cleansing waters is that it’s housed in a generous 300ml bottle ONLY. No travel-sized ones. So I grabbed the Bifesta Cleansing Gel instead, thinking that it would come in handy for my overseas trip.


Silly me. I swear I read the tube as being a mere 100ml when it was actually more than that. OY! Needless to say, this didn’t come with me on my trip but I broke the seal anyway and tried it the very night I bought it.

Instructions for use:


The Bifesta Cleansing Gel is a thick gel cleanser with almost no foaming action. It is, to use an awfully immature-sounding word, gunky. I tried the gel in three ways ways: with wet face and dry hands, wet face and hands, and dry hands and face. It works a lot better if your face is moistened and your fingers are dry. For some reason I felt that it cleansed a lot better. With both wet face and hands, you end up with too much slip and not enough friction to wash away and work on the makeup. With dry hands and face, there wasn’t enough slip to spread the gel across my face.



I had high expectations for this product, given that I love the cleansing waters so much. I found that it didn’t clean as well as the waters on heavier foundations and makeup, but if you had only tinted moisturizer on, you’ll probably find it OK.

I can’t remember how much this retails for, but for price per ml, I felt it was more expensive than the waters. Then again, the usage of waters vs. gel is different – I now go through one 300ml bottle of Mandom/Bifesta water in about 2 months, which has led me to seriously consider switching to oils as they seem more cost-efficient. Probably will not be repurchasing this.


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