We are two very different girls – but we believe in looking and feeling our best. We’re both based in Singapore as of 2013, but have strong Malaysian roots.

On domncroxd (a.k.a. dom)

Corporate rat and burger addict. My other interests include three-hour philosophical discussions, rock-climbing, reading and cooking. I enjoy searching for new products to try and test, and if there’s a miracle product for oily-combination facial skin and wavy coarse hair, do let me know and I’ll be one of your friends for life!

FUN FACT courtesy of ksuan: dom is chock-full of intriguing and ingenious ideas on all manner of problem-solving, ranging from how to lose weight to how to take on the world. She’s lived in five countries and wants to learn Chinese properly. The articulate and eloquent dom also writes incredible poetry and prose. Ask her to show you some of her work one day 🙂

On ksuan

Research dork. My greatest loves are books and music – but I also like public health, health security, policy analysis, food and nutritional security, and all things North Korea. I also like to dance and run, but have come to terms with the fact that no matter how much of both I do, I’ll never lose my flabby midsection.

FUN FACT courtesy of dom: ksuan speaks, reads and writes French fluently (her first language is a combination of English and Chinese dialect, but she also speaks and/or understands a couple other languages in addition). She has the patience of a saint and is poised to take on the world with feasible ideas, unlike her wayward friend dom.

We are also joined by our frequent guest reviewer SdV, our dear friend, fellow travelbug, beauty enthusiast and photographer-cum-legal expert extraordinaire based in Dubai. Check out her amazing portfolio here. 

belle demoiselle is based on our combined passions for the little things that make us feel pretty. Translated loosely from the French, belle demoiselle means beautiful young lady – something so many of us young ladies perpetually aspire to be. This blog is part of our quest to become les plus belles demoiselles we can be. Thanks for joining us!

Important Note

Both domncroxd and ksuan are former Ro-Accutane users. Both of us suffered from different degrees of acne growing up, and we were both prescribed this potent and effective medication to help clear our skin up. It worked wonders for both of us – but we are well aware of the side effects that come with taking this often expensive drug.

domxcroxd took Ro-Accutane in her early teens (and again in 2012) while ksuan chose to do so at the age of 21, and the side effects we underwent weren’t completely uniform. We both had our doubts prior to and during our Ro-Acc cycles, and we understand that it can be a difficult decision to make because of the nature of the drug and its extensive (sometimes intimidating) list of potential side effects.

So, to all you ladies (and gents) out there who have taken Ro-Acc: we know how you feel, and our reviews are sensitive to the changes in our skin (sebum production, environmental sensitivities, etc.) post-Ro-Acc, so there’s a little common ground we stand on. To any of you considering taking Ro-Accutane, feel free to pelt us with any queries you might have and we’ll do our best to answer them based on our personal experiences taking it!

We appreciate your support and your time!

Please leave a comment and/or recommend us to your friends : ) It encourages us to go further and bring in better reviews of amazing products. If you’d like to approach us personally, you can email us at belledemoiselle87 [at] gmail.com – we would love to hear from you!


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