guerlain meteorites 3
My first foray into Guerlain’s longstanding hit product, the meteorites, was a travel size duo from the airport in their permanent shade – 01 Tient Rose. These little pearls are touted to infuse the skin with radiance and result in a smooth glowing complexion. I’m not sure about that, mostly I like using them as a light setting powder, especially as the mix of colours (white, pink, lilac and mint) are suppose to be ‘corrective’ and just give a little more life back to the face (given that I usually enjoy matte foundations).

Since then I’ve been bitten by the bug that is the Meteorites collectibles, i.e. specially packaged limited edition released with each season and often with different coloured pearls. I am not a die hard fan though, because basically all the powders look the same on my skin, so mostly it’s the pretty shininess which draws me in.
guerlain meterorites 2
First on the list are the Perles D’Etoile (trans. pearls of stars), which was released as part of Guerlain’s holiday collection for 2014. I love the gold metal tin, with embossing all around the side and a flat bow on the top. It also comes with a red puff, very apt for the advent of Chinese new year. The pearls themselves are bronzier than other iterations, I can see a light beige, gold, a bronze gold, pink and dark pink. On my skin it’s a imperceptible radiance.

guerlain meteorites 4

Meteorites Flacons Enchants, or also known as Perles des Neiges, are on the other end of the spectrum, the pale sister to the summery Perles D’Etoile. The packaging is darling, it is white with a domed lid that is transparent to show off the gold interior that is embossed with snowflakes. It reminds me of one of those snow globes we use to have as a kid and when you turn it upside down the flakes would swirl and be all pretty. Sadly this doesn’t have swirling flakes but it’s pretty nonetheless.

Guerlain Meteorites flocons enchantes 2

The only thing I don’t like is that it’s all plastic and the round top makes it really difficult to store in my drawers! Guerlain has also introduced something new among their pearls, there are little sparkling stars nestling within the beige and gold pearls. The powder brings a really nice subtle glow to my skin.
Guerlain Meteorites flocons enchantes

As with all Guerlain products, the meteorites have a  strong floral violet scent, so if you don’t like your makeup with perfume, best avoid. And I don’t even want to admit how much they cost (which is completely ridiculous and expensive for what is essentially some sparkly powder balls), but oh dear are they pretty. So buy them at your own peril…..or if you’re just crazy over makeup.


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