Hi lovelies! I’m so excited to share with you today two firsts! I’ve gritted my teeth and jumped in with fully made up eyes, into making my first beauty video! Not only that, but the subject is about a beauty swap. What’s a beauty swap? Well, read on!


Beauty swaps are basically when two people, crazy over makeup, decide to send each other products not generally found in their home countries. I love watching makeup swap videos, it’s like hauling for someone else and receiving a present in return! How amazing is that? Now I’ve been a long time reader of BeautyholicsAnonymous, and I couldn’t believe that Tine (the beauty AND brains behind the blog) actually agreed to do a swap with me!


Tine resides back in Melbourne, where I’ve lived for 8 years, but we’ve never met. It certainly haven’t stopped us from conversing via blog comments however. Her writing style is really genuine and easy to read and I’m really hoping to see some of the stuff I got her pop up on the blog and see what she thinks! Now she has already written about the swap here, and she’s said she happy with the goodies but I absolutely hope that she would like the products once she gets to using them. I had so much fun just going around to every counter, swatching -everything- and wondering what she would be into. Perhaps if this is a success I might have a new career in personal buying in the future?


The box which arrived (awhile ago now!) is absolutely massive. Now I’m sorry it took me this long to crack it open, but it wasn’t for a lack of interest! I knew I wanted to do a video but I could’t get it set up properly and it kept failing and I just ended up opening the box and staring wistfully at the beautifully packaged morsels of awesomeness every single day. Enough of me waffling on, see the swap below!


These are awesome! Apart from Uriage and Dermalogica, I have not tried any of these other brands and that is so exciting! Makes my heart beats! From left to right – Ecotools Konjac Sponge, Dermalogica Skin Hydrating Booster, Uriage AquaPrecis Day Moisturiser, Face of Australia Makeup Remover, Stay 24hour Bold Matte Lipstick, Mecca Cosmetica Sunscreen, Fullips, L’oreal Lipsticks, Maybelline Babylips, Go To Lipbalm, Essence Blush, Luma Blush, Modelsprefer Powder, Go To Exfoliating Swipes, ModelsCo Lash & Line Mascara and Eyeliner, and finally Carmex Lipbalm.

Watch out for upcoming blog posts and possibly more videos. Have you ever done a beauty swap? Would you do one? Tell us in the comments below!


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