Nars 2That’s not a typo, let’s literally have multiple orgasms over this little bundle of joy that is a Nars gift bag. One of my local Sephora stores just moved and had a re-opening event, which coincided with a 20% sale, so how I could resist popping by hurriedly after a rather painful work event. In the Sephora tote were some other bits and bobs such as mini mascaras from Benefit, an interesting looking masque from Caudelie, and a heavy bag with the Nars logo emblazoned on it. And they were plenty generous, with a full-size Audacious lipstick, a mini lipgloss, the cutest teeny tiny blush and a mini sample of their famous eyeshadow pro-primer. They were clever with the colours too, although I am not sure if it’s the same for everyone but I was happy with mine as the collection made for a neutral lover’s dream (I’m looking at you Suan) with the lipstick in Anita, and the lipgloss and blush in their award winning shade Orgasm.
SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESAnita is described as ‘antique rose’. I wasn’t quite sure about it when I was quickly checking it out on the way home and I remembered from swatching that most of the neutrals from the Audacious line seemed too pale. However I was pleased to see in the sunlight (proper light!) that Anita is a dusty pink. Like most of the line, it’s creamy but light and comes off as a demi-matte. I think I will enjoy wearing this much as I loooove Vera and Grace.

The lipgloss in Orgasm is more peachy looking than its blush counterpart, with a healthy smattering of gold shimmer. The website provides that the formula is ultra smooth, non sticky and comfortable to wear. I’m not a fan of lip glosses generally unfortunately but I can imagine this being quite popular….among young people.

Finally, how awesomely cute is this tiny blush!? It’s absolutely darling, perfect for putting in your purse for a night out (as if I have night outs…how about a weekend getaway?) Orgasm is THE iconic blush from Nars. I have a near dupe from Sleek in one of their 3-1 palettes https://belledemoiselle.wordpress.com/2013/06/17/guest-post-sdv-takes-on-sleek-blush-by-3-palettes/, but I actually prefer Sleek’s Muscovado which has a plum-quality to the shade. Orgasm acts more like a highlighter against my skin tone and it’s more light pink than peach. It also have the golden shimmers in it which would make it nice for summer, but I do prefer deeper blushes.

That wraps up the little gift bag from Nars. Thanks for the freebies!

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