nars narsissist palette 3Has anyone ever experienced non buying make up envy? When a product comes out and it’s overhyped and you’re hmming and hawing and then it sells out and then you decide to buy it and it’s gone. In every shop, in various countries, you can’t even backorder it, and you get this regret hit and then you get really obsessed about finding the product, and then you find it in all places a newly opened Nars stand in Sephora in Dubai Mall. Of course you have to put it in your basket and rush off to the check out counter even though heavens know you do. not. need. another. eyeshadow. palette.
nars narsissist palettenars narsissist palette 2That’s how I found myself coming home with the Nars Narsissist Palette, the original which came out a little more than a year ago, and since then they have come out with various palettes with the same name, but not one with 15 beautifully twinkling eyeshadows.

The palette is an astounding collection of some of Nars top selling eyeshadows, perfect for someone new to the brand. My first eyeshadow from Nars was a duo called Kauai https://belledemoiselle.wordpress.com/2014/08/15/sdv-reviews-nars-kauai-duo-eyeshadow/ which I tried really hard to resist but was won over by the beautiful lame gold and purple and their amazing formula. The Narsissist palette on the other hand is built like a neutral workhorse, full of easy colours which would complement a variety of skin tones and whether you are a glamourous stylist on a photoshoot or a young lawyer pulling all nighters.
nars narsissist palette 4Among the 15 eyeshadows, there are five mattes and the rest in a satin or shimmery formula. I’m not going to do an in depth review of all the shades as there are many really good reviews out there including Temptalia http://www.temptalia.com/nars-narsissist-eyeshadow-palette-review-photos-swatches, Makeupandbeautyblog http://www.makeupandbeautyblog.com/product-reviews/nars-narsissist-eyeshadow-palette-review/ and The Beauty Look Book http://www.thebeautylookbook.com/2014/04/narsissist-eyeshadow-palette.html. Instead I’ll focus on my favourites in the palette.
SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESFez, third on the top row is described as a velvety cocoa. This shade alone is probably why I wanted this palette so badly, even though I know it’s a permanent and I can buy it on its own but who can give up 14 other eyeshadows?? #firstworldproblems. It is absolutely beautiful and one of the top performing shades, just a really buttery smooth golden brown which sits well on its own. I love it as a wash of colour and it’s perfect for work through to evening.

The first shade in the palette, All About Eve is a shimmery champagne. When I load it up on a brush it always look a little too glittery, but on the skin it’s such a smooth sheen, such a pretty highlight colour. I love it on my brow bone, to lift up everything.

Next up is Nepal. It is described as a soft sheer rose and is the second shade on the second row. Though I’d prefer a matte, this is a lovely transition shade, really nice for blending and softening especially if I’m using one of the darker shades like Bali or Mekong. It’s also nice on it’s own for a clean eye with defined lashes and lots of mascara. Similarly, the shade next to it, Ashes to Ashes, is like a cooler toned version. It’s described as a shimmery violet based brown.

Finally, Brousse is another one of those one wash wonder like Fez. It’s a black violet, a satiny dirty brown purple which can have a tendency to make me look like I have a punched eye (oi vey), but used sparingly and well blended out in the outer corners with an eyeliner on, it is gorgeous. I do have a soft spot for purples, and knowing this came as a duo in the permanent range with a shade called described as sable is making my heart pitter-patter!
nars narsissist 2Overall really pleased with this palette as these are all shades I can use and it’s travel friendly too. I don’t have problems making the formula work for me, I find them really nice although some are slightly dry, but they stick well to my oily lids. Obviously I tend to reach constantly for neutral eyeshadows and right now I have two Stila palettes waiting and I am already eyeing a palette due to be released from Make-Up Forever, surely there are repeats all over the place! The good thing about Nars eyeshadows are that the shades are often quite multi-faceted, so they can be used on their own or blended together.
nars narsissist palette 5This palettes retailed for AED399.

2 thoughts on “SDV Reviews: NARS Narsissist Eyeshadow Palette

  1. Yes, I have experienced being totally obsessed with a sold-out product: Anastasias Contouring Kit 😊 When I finally got it, I realized it was over-hyped but I’m still glad to own it 😁

    • oh no, discovering a product is overhyped is the worst! well there can be worse things, but still. but when they fulfill everything and more, that’s so wonderful.

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