MAC impassioned

Running slowly though my stash of MAC lipsticks, I have forgotten that these are quite nice amongst the variety of different brands available. I think MAC gets a lot of flake but they do have some very nice products at a decent price point (in the US anyway, it’s exorbitant everywhere else).

Impassioned is a bright neon pink which really livens up the face. It is in an amplified finish which means it feels creamy and satiny and is fairly comfortable to wear. On my lips most lipsticks feel drying, this didn’t suck all the moisture out but by the end of the day I’m ready to lather on the balm! Lasting power is about 5 hours, probably longer without eating, so it’s about average for a strong pigment such as this lipstick. After it leaves a pretty petal stain, although a little grubby in the centre, so reapplication is a must. I find that Impassioned is fairly easy to slick on, although it is also possible to use a lip pencil to define the edges for a bold lip.

Overall a nice little neat lipstick that packs a punch of colour. It reminds me why I always like seeing the rows of colour bullets standing at the MAC stands….


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