I finally have her, and she is practically perfect in every way. Insert megalomaniacal laugh here.


Medieval is my third Lipstick Queen purchase after Jean Queen and Butterfly Ball Fly. I purchased her from Myer in Melbourne during my Christmas trip to Australia, and I was so happy to have her in my grubby paws at long last.

Poppy King, the founder of Lipstick Queen, describes Medieval as such:

“Medieval is the red that flatters all complexions. Impossible to detect as anything other than a sensual melancholic hue.”

I’m going to agree with her on this claim, unequivalocally – it does flatter all complexions. I am the third among my friends to own Medieval. On me, it pulls slightly deeper and more neutral against my medium-fair neutral skin and dark eyes and hair. On my friend E, who is blonde, green-eyed, and fair with pink-neutral undertones thanks to her English ancestry, Medieval tends to a rosy red that brings out her eyes. Meanwhile, on another friend, Magpie, Medieval pulls bright red against her extremely fair yellow-undertoned skin, dark brown eyes, and black hair. No matter what, Medieval just looks so polished and so darned good. 

Also, Medieval, unlike many other Lipstick Queen lipsticks, is made purely of red pigment and Vitamin E. The result is a lipstick that glides on with effortless, balmy, hydrating smoothness and a hint of joyous, sheer red that doesn’t settle into lines or emphasise dryness.

Medieval is a versatile red thanks to its sheerness. I’ve worn it to work, to meetups with friends, to family events, to weddings, and all other events in between. It works just as well with casual wear, adding a bright (but not overdone) pop to jeans and a tank top, as it does with formal wear, adding a hint of old-school charm to a bridesmaid getup. If you’d like more colour punch, just layer it on – Medieval works well that way too!

As with most sheer lipsticks, reapplication is required every 2 to 4 hours, depending on eating and drinking (and probably kissing?) frequency.

I am a very happy bunny with Medieval in hand, and would recommend that you ladies who are looking for a red – but can’t put your finger on exactly what kind of red you’re looking for, or are a bit concerned about going too bold too soon – to pick Medieval up and give her a swatch. You may be pleasantly surprised 🙂

Medieval set me back AU$27.00 and is available at Escentials, Paragon on Orchard Road, at SG$ 34.00.


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