Tangle teezerA little bit unusual and a side track from the usual reviews but I can’t believe I’m so late to the bandwagon! And who wouldn’t love a gold tangle teezer?

I picked up the compact styler which is a mini version of the normal Tangle Teezer. This is meant to be a detangling brush which glides through all sorts of hair with no ‘pulling, tugging or yanking’.
Tangle teezer 3This hair tool is the best thing ever. It’s like a wide tooth comb except better. It’s really easy to use, especially after washing my hair and the brush gets rid of any knots and makes my hair really sleek and smooth which makes it easier to blow dry.

The curved shape I think is meant to make it fit better in the hand but I don’t find it does so particularly. It’s slightly awkward to hold but it may be because it’s a mini version, perhaps the normal one is ergonomic. I do like the fitted cap on the brush side though, this makes it extremely travel friendly as the bristles don’t get bent in transit.
Tangle teezer 2And of course I am loving the chrome gold colour against the black. It’s so Dubai and the one glitzy thing I am allowing in my room. I’ve removed every other notions of excessive luxury from my space and installed clean white decor so it’s nice to have this little cheeky thing. There are of course other colours available, but why not brush your hair with gold?

The Tangle Teezer Compact Styler retails for 12.25 pounds.


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