opi somoan sand  FOA studio 54 3After several weeks of wintry dark moody nails I wanted something light and beautiful and cheery, just in time for the holidays at the end of the year. I went with a sprinkle of rose gold glitter over a clean nude base.

First I applied two coats of OPI’s Samoan Sand over Essie’s Protein Base coat. The formula made this very easy to apply. It is a pale semi-sheer sand colour that is a nude leaning towards brown more than pink. On my hands it looks very simple and clean and would be the shade I’d use if I was going for a french manicure.
opi somoan sand  FOA studio 54 2Then I started my glitter gradient using these handy tips from Sonailicious http://sonailicious.com/perfect-glitter-gradient-tutorial/ which helped a lot to thin down the layers. I used this technique to spackle on the Studio 54 polish by Face of Australia which consists of large rose gold glitter pieces and built it up on the tips for most of the nails, but reversed it for the accent nail.
opi somoan sand  FOA studio 54This is one of my favourite manicures of the year. It’s subtle but festive and because it’s quite neutral it can go with any outfit and accessory.

What will you be wearing on your nails for the new years?


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