GlamglowGlamglow’s mud mask treatments are touted to be super star products and they better be at USD 69 (or AED 300++) for 34 grams! I know the Youthmud is the popular one but I decided to pick up the Supermud which is meant to target skin concerns to give ‘super clear super pore less skin’.

It contains a lot of different fancy sounding science stuff including eucalyptus for healing, a blend of 6 acids to de-clog and rejuvenate skin, charcoal to absorb toxins and other ‘natural occurring’  ingredients to fight inflammation. Unfortunately for all I know there are just a whole bunch of chemicals in here. I have tried a few different mask treatments and so far, whatever is in here, works! I get the most instant, more marked result from using this product compared to other treatments.
glamglow 2
I get quite a lot of breakouts around the lower parts of both cheeks. On a good day it’s pretty controlled and there’s some congestion and maybe one or two spots but on a bad day (like today!) there are quite a few bumps and it can get red and painful. When it gets like this I treat myself to a mini spa moment after taking a long shower, smear a layer of the Supermud on the affected areas and go watch some youtube clips. The product isn’t great looking, it’s this weird greyish colour, and feels slightly gritty and creamy, but it does go on cool on the skin and I can feel it tightening as it dries.

After towelling off the dried bits, my skin is red from the exfoliation, but it feels less inflamed, spots are smaller, and the pores on my nose looks clearer. It does actually work well. If the product wasn’t so expensive I’d want to use it every day. It doesn’t appear to to dry my skin out either like the acne treatments I’ve been using.

Glamglow mud treatments are available in Sephora stores, which is where I got mine. I already have a second jar in storage for when I run out, this is how much I love this mask!


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