ciate matte top coatciate matte top coat 3
I had wanted to try OPI’s Matte top coat but it doesn’t seem to be sold anywhere in Dubai so instead I picked up Ciate’s Mattnificent matte top coat instead. Like all of Ciate’s polishes it comes housed in a nice little rectangular bottle with a long white cap. The description states:

‘Double your wardrobe of nail colour in an instant. With the invention of Mattnificent now any shade can be mattified. Now apply one slick of Ciaté Mattnificent over the top and watch in wonder as your once glossy nails become matte in seconds!
ciate matte topcoat 2
For my base colour I used Covergirl’s Laven-dure, then a quick one coat of Mattnificient over it. It takes a few seconds to dry down but the shift is quite amazing. I found having used it previously it didn’t really do anything to a glitter polish but for a glossy cream it did really turn it into a velvety finish! I like the effect but this topcoat also highlights any imperfections such as if there’s a thinner spot on the nail. In addition it causes some sort of strange shrinkage around the cuticles, pulling the polish in and leaving ragged gaps around the edges. From afar it looks alright but definitely not for a closeup!
ciate matte topcoatI’m still interested in trying out other matte top coats, hopefully one which would leave my nails clean looking!
The Mattnificient has 13.5 ml of product and retails for 11 pounds and AED 60.


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