Once in a while, in reluctant acceptance of my love for pretty things, my wonderful and long-suffering little sister who lives in Australia buys me pretty things. One of the coolest items that she has gotten for me over the year is arguably the Mor Cosmetics Lip Macaron in Blood Orange.


Here’s what the website says about these lovely lipbalms in a tin:

Treat your lips to a kiss of moisture! Filled with Vitamin E, Beeswax and other hydrating properties, this nourishing confection creates deliciously sweet lips.

Key Features

– Soothing & hydrating
– Lip gloss contains Vitamin E to nourish lips
– Contains Beeswax for healing
– Adds a sheer, subtle shine to lips
– This product is not tested on animals

Firstly, blood orange. I mean, who can resist a lip product in blood orange? Mor Cosmetics makes this ultra-realistically blood-orangey too; it smells tangy, citrusy, bright, and slightly bitter, like a real blood orange. I’m mad about all things citrus, and my sister knows me well and chose perfectly. In fact, whenever I open this tin, I enjoy taking in a great big happy whiff of the delicious scent (don’t judge!).

Secondly, the packaging is adorable. The lipbalm in housed in a sturdy little metal tin that is thoughtfully designed to clasp tightly so the cap doesn’t dislodge when rolling around the bottom of your handbag. The Blood Orange variant comes in a bright coral tin with gold patterning on it, fittingly!

Thirdly, this lipbalm glides on light and smooth. In the tin it is translucent, like semi-hardened candlewax, but becomes lightly emollient when in contact with a fingertip.

Unfortunately, because it is in a tin, it’s not the most hygienic way of deploying lipbalm – neither is it particularly practical for use during a busy work day, when a twist-up stick lipbalm is more convenient. I’m not complaining, though; this lip macaron is a product I use at night. I like putting this delightful-smelling lip balm on just before I go to bed, to keep my lips moisturised and to give them a bit of a hydrating treat while I’m asleep. When I wake up, my lips are soft and comfortable, prepped for the work day’s worth of lipstick or lip gloss.

Mor Cosmetics Lip Macarons are available throughout Australia at Myer departmental stores for AU$ 9.95 for a whopping 10g tin. And if blood orange isn’t your cup of tea, Mor makes their lip macarons in a variety of flavours, including Lychee Flower, French Vanilla, Cassis Noir (cassis is blackberry!), Peach Nectar, and Passionflower. They also make a staggering variety of other products: lip tints, candles, body oils, hand creams, fragrances, and triple-milled soaps (the sister got me one in Grapefruit that I’m still resigned to gazing longingly at and sniffing on occasion, for fear of using it up – sorry sister, promise I’ll get around to using it soon!).


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