Photo courtesy of beautydiaryq8.com

As far as beauty blogging goes, I feel like I’m extremely late to the Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter party, but better late than never!

Photo courtesy of drugstore.com

Photo courtesy of drugstore.com

Peach Parfait is a peachy-pink everyday shade that is quite glittery and gives your lips a ton of dimension when applied. I imagine this will only really show up against fairer skin tones though, and not everyone may be a fan of the glossy-glittery finish! I don’t mind it that much, but the glitter ensures that I apply this product carefully and sparingly when I do whip it out 🙂


Photo courtesy of drugstore.com

Pink Truffle shows up on me as a neutral pink that tends to the slightly deeper side. It has a glossy finish and some subtle microshimmer in it. This shade is versatile and I think it would work just as beautifully on fair skin tones as well as medium ones. This shade needs less moderating than Peach Parfait because it has a clean glossy finish; the microshimmer doesn’t create a disco ball effect.

Here’s a swatch for a better idea of what these look like, with Peach Parfait on top and Pink Truffle on the bottom:


Both shades are medium coverage, and can be layered on for more opacity. They are creamy and glide on with great ease, and due to their moisturising properties, they don’t settle into lip lines. They are also incredibly hydrating and feel like a nice treat when applied. I have to add that I’m a huge fan of the packaging, which seems Chanel-inspired with the little quilted patterning on two of the four sides of the lipstick cover (and a bonus satisfying click sound when you snap it open and shut – yes, I like the little things!).

The big downside with both these lip butters is that – like their moniker suggests – they don’t take well to heat and can melt a little under elevated temperature conditions. Also, they don’t last for that long; about two to three hours is about maximum wear time that I’ve gotten out of each of these.

I’d recommend these if you’re after a two-in-one product that delivers both colour and moisture, and aren’t averse to reapplying every once in a while throughout the day.

I bought both of mine on separate occasions at Changi International Airport for SG$ 11.70 apiece. They cost a few dollars more outside of the magical world of duty-free shopping.


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