inglot 3
Oooooo, pretty. Oooo, d*mn that’s pretty. That was all I was thinking of while I swatched Inglot’s wide array of eyeshadows. And they are gorgeous. GORGEOUS. Even as I stood there for an hour trying on every shade and it was so difficult limiting myself to 10 (much less 5!)

In the range there were a few shadows that were gritty but overall the various formulations were smooth, creamy, pigmented and looks amazing.
inglot 5
I decided on an all neutral palette, a workhorse palette if you will, that I can use everyday especially for work appropriate looks. I wish I could show up at the office with bright colours but I’m only confident enough to wear the occasional fuchsia or red lip……maybe I should try a colour eyeliner once….maybe once, and see how that goes.

inglot 1
First off, the palette casing. It’s a solid matte black with very fine shimmer. It’s completely magnetic with wells to slot in the pans of eyeshadow in and lock the glass top on top. I would have preferred the top to be clear rather than emblazoned with the Inglot logo so I could see the eyeshadows more clearly but that is a minor point. Otherwise it feels very well made, although I wouldn’t necessarily just toss this into a bag without first wrapping it even though the magnets are strong I still think it could be pushed around and slide off.
Inglot 7
Onto the shades! SO exciting. To be honest the swatches on my arm isn’t representative of how beautiful and nuanced they really are. Also unfortunately the sales assistant threw away all the boxes so I’m not quite sure what the shade numbers are….you’ll have to kind of bear with me.

swatches in the shade

swatches in the shade

swatches in the light

swatches in the light

1 is my highlight shade, it’s a silvery beige and it has the most shimmer among the eyeshadows in this palette, but still very refine. I think this is part of their shine formula, while the rest are pearl finishes and mattes, but still Inglot’s shimmers and satins are very well balanced without being a glitterfest.

2 is a darker version of 1, a cool taupe that looks nice as an all over shade.

3 is a warm tone medium brown that is a bit of an oddity, as in the pan it looks like it is shot through with gold glitter, but wears on the skin as a matte. I really like this as a blending shade.

4 is my workhorse matte shade, a medium brown that looks good all over or to blend or as a contour shade when I just want a very simple clean eye.

5 is a very pretty golden apricot. It reminds me a lot of Nars Orgasm and really brightens up the centre of the eye.

6 is a shimmery gold with sparkles. It behaves much like shadow 1 with shimmer that can migrate by the end of the day.

7 is a golden bronze. It reminds me of Urban Decay’s Smog, with a very smooth satin finish. I like working this as an all over shadow and finish with lots of mascara.

8 is a warm brown bronze, one of my favourite shades in the bunch. It has a lovely depth to it and is extremely pigmented and is probably one of my most used shade.

9 is a drop dead gorgeous taupe like purple that the swatch really doesn’t do it justice. It’s incredibly buttery and dense with a lovely sheen. It is both neutral but also a pop of colour on the lids and can turn into a smokey eye for night time too.

10 is a basic matte black that can be built up in intensity. It’s slightly more powdery than the others and it is quite soft. I’ve tried using this as a liner and it comes off as a soft greyish black.
inglot 4
I’m already eyeing this dramatic teal and a bright burgundy shade at the Inglot store. Perhaps a brights palette should be up next? That is if I don’t cave for Urban Decay’s new vice palette.
inglot 2
An Inglot 10 pan palette retails for AED430.


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