Revlon Matte Balms
At this rate it might take me awhile to get through all the Revlon Balm formulas and shades I have (and it isn’t even that many!). Given that Revlon comes up with new products all the time, this might span years.

This next Colorburst Matte Balm is in the shade Striking. I first reviewed Sultry here. I rather thought the french word Spectaculaire is awesome. Much more exciting isn’t it? It is a cherry tomato red that initially appears much brighter and bolder than Sultry.
revlon striking
However formula wise, Striking is more sheer than Sultry, and while it can be built up to a fuller coverage, it is this translucent quality which makes it wearable for the office, less in your face neon. It is still very bright though.
Revlon striking 5
For a matte this was really comfortable to wear. The formula is on par or even better than the Nars’ Matte Lip Pencils, another favourite product, so it’s great to see a drugstore brand doing so well. It lasts for about 4-5 hours and leaves behind a soft stain. Reapplication is easy with no bunching up or settling into lines. My only regret is not finding more shades I like from this line! If they end up adding more to the matte balms I might just have to grab everything.

Revlon matte balms retails for about AUD$21.


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