Marc Jacobs powder
Marc Jacobs powder 2
Having hit pan on my Benefit Hello Flawless! powder, I was in the market to look for something new, preferably something lightweight and more suitable for my skin tone. And there were certainly plenty to choose from!

Marc Jacobs brought out a new beauty line, of which some products were tempting but not enough to take out the wallet for. I did eventually decide to try out the pressed foundation ‘Perfection Powder’ in the shade ‘Golden’.

Here’s what the website says:

‘Not just a foundation. Not just a powder. This breakthrough texture delights with featherweight coverage that easily builds into a full finish. Smoothing and brightening, this formula will take you from morning rituals to mid-day touchups. See your skin as it was before too many late nights, or just prepare it for tomorrow.’
Marc Jacobs powder 4
First off, the colour is pretty spot on. There are ten shades to choose from and I was tossing up between ‘Golden’ and ‘Golden Fawn’ before going for the former, however both would have suited my colouring.
Marc Jacobs powder 5
Formula wise, the powder is very finely milled, soft and smooth. It doesn’t feel as silicone like as the Urban Decay Loose Powder (review coming!) and it is very comfortable to wear. I’ve been using this powder to set my foundation, lightly patting it on with my Ecotools Powder brush so coverage is minimal, but I still can’t imagine that this will build up to a full finish coverage (unless you have amazing skin, which I certainly don’t). As a finishing and setting powder however it works well to mattify my skin without making it flat and provide a smooth finish. It keeps shine away for about five hours so it is not perfect as my skin gets insane dewy afterwards and need lots of blotting.
Marc Jacobs powder 3
Moving on to the packaging, this compact is really sleek with its rounded corners and slim plastic casing. I am quite a fan of Marc Jacob’s compact designs for its powder and bronzers….not so much for their eyeshadows though, funny how that works out. The compact comes in a rather cheap polyester like pouch with a brush that I don’t use. In fact for a luxury brand I am quite disappointed with the overall presentation, especially as the button on the pouch flew off when I opened it!

The Marc Jacob’s Perfection Powder retails for USD$46.

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