On my recent trip to Myanmar, I travelled with three rather brilliant colleagues and friends. Two of them are possibly the cheekiest dudes I know – and while we were in Yangon, they made a big silly show out of staring intently at my face and prodding my eyebags.

“Oooooooh teeny tiny little wrinkles! Getting oooooollllldddd“, they teased.

Huffy, amused, and recognising that maybe I should actually start paying better attention to my undereye area, once we touched down back in Singapore after our trip, I walked over to duty free and purchased a little jar of Origins Plantscription Anti-Ageing Eye Treatment. (And yes, the boys looked a tiny bit guilty when they saw me do this.)

origins eye

Here’s what the Origins site has to say about this product:

Clinically proven to help visibly repair 4 major signs of eye aging.

Although it’s not the same as a prescription and doesn’t operate anything like surgery, this cutting edge eye treatment with Anogeissus does visibly help repair crow’s feet, under eye cross hatching, crepey lids and sagginess without irritation. You get a naturally youthful look that’s not all nipped and tucked. So give your eyes this amazing new lift from nature and see a younger-looking you.

I have to give it to Origins for disclaiming from the get-go that this is not a miracle product, that it won’t produce mind-blowing insta-results, and that if you’re expecting for all your lines and eyebags to magically vanish overnight with one application, you probably need to take it down a notch or five.

As such, I’ve come to view this product as one to help with maintenance of the skin around the eye, and as a prophylactic step to delay the onset of deeper lines and wrinkles. I’ve been using this treatment diligently, twice a day under my eyes, for the past two months.

So far, I’m delighted to report that I’m very happy with this treatment.

It comes housed in a generous 15ml screw-top, sturdy plastic jar. The product itself is a yellowish, opaque, lightweight gel-cream that absorbs rapidly when applied. It is unscented, but smells vaguely and inoffensively green thanks to all the plant extracts contained within. It doesn’t interfere with makeup applied over it, especially if you give it about five minutes to just sink in and do its thing beforehand.

It tingles a little bit when you apply it, but not the way mentholated products tingle when they come in contact with skin – it feels more like a gentle buzz, as if saying the product is working its way into your skin. Also, I have somewhat sensitive eyes but I experienced zero discomfort or averse reactions (e.g. rashes, bumps, milia, itchiness) using this product.

Over the eight weeks or so that I’ve used this product, I’ve found that I wake up looking a lot fresher, with far less puffiness around my eyes than usual. The skin around my eyes appears firmer and smoother, too. All this makes me quite a happy bunny. To be honest, I’m unable to comment extensively on whether it is diminishing my wrinkles (part of this I attribute to stubbornly refusing to accept that I have visible wrinkles at all!), but I have a good mind to seek the opinions of the two buffoons who pointed them out to me to begin with.

Pour conclure, I am impressed with this little jar of improvement – thanks Origins! I will certainly be repurchasing once I run out. The price tag is a little steep at S$ 78.00, but it can be picked up for significantly cheaper at airport duty-free. My jar still contains about a third of product left, so I’m estimating that 15ml will last you three full months if you’re religious with use. However, if you have a buddy in the US, do ask them to get it for you at a less heart-attack inducing price: US$ 43.50 a pop.

PS: Do note that this is not the same product as the Origins Plantscription Anti-Ageing Eye Cream, which I tested but found a little too emollient and heavy for my extremely oily skin. I would recommend that those of you with dry skin take a closer look at this product if you’re considering an Origins eye care product, though.


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