I do envy people who don’t need to set their foundation. Heck – I need a setting powder to set my mineral POWDER foundation (wtf?). I’ve used four setting powders from different brands, and per my MO, I’m always trying to look for the cheapest one. The four I’ve used are Laura Mercier’s translucent setting powder, Bare Minerals Mineral Veil, Estee Lauder Nutritious Vita-Mineral Loose Powder, and Revlon New Complexion Loose Powder. Out of the whole lot, Bare Minerals came out tops as it is very finely milled and is invisible – both Revlon’s and Laura Mercier’s are translucent, so do expect to see another layer on top of your foundation, if you layer it as thickly as I do.

Anyway – this post is on Revlon. Let’s get to it.

IMG_1749 IMG_1750

The first time I tried this, I bought it in Translucent No. 1, which typically leaves a bit of a pale white chalky finish. It’s not noticeable and does settle down eventually, but if you run out of the house almost immediately after application, you will look like a geisha. I now own No. 2, which has beige pigments and suits my skintone better. It also doesn’t leave the same chalky finish, thanks to it having deeper pigments.

I wouldn’t read too much into “Revlon DermaBreathe” science. Obviously most makeup we own needs to not block (“Breathe”) our skin (“Derma”), no?
IMG_1751Sheer satin finish? Check.

Sets make-up and looks flawless for hours? Sure – if hours to you mean 4 hours. Mind, I work in an airconditioned office, and I would say that it does its job, but the good ol’ marketing folks at Revlon are smart enough to realize that 2 hours also technically equate ‘hours’. On me – yes, it works for 4 hours and then my skin oils up. What I will give my thumbs up to is that even though my skin oils up, my makeup doesn’t pool into those lines of melted foundation.

Lets skin glow with translucence? Not entirely sure what this means, but there are no light-reflecting pigments in here.

Super-fine texture and does not clog pores – it’s OK. Super-fine is Bare Minerals, not this one. However, this is definitely a smidgen finer than Laura Mercier’s (and cheaper too!)

Fragrance-free? Check.
IMG_1752Overall, a pretty good bargain buy from the drugstore (get it in Malaysia because SG is just ridiculously expensive after the exchange rate). I like that it does the job and until I find an even cheaper option, this will be my Laura Mercier dupe. Do take note of the ingredients list above – if you’re fearful for your life you might not want this at all. Frankly speaking, I’d trust a brand like Revlon to have cosmetic-grade ingredients, eh? All the fearmongering is unwarranted.

Cosmetic-grade talc is what gives that slippery smooth feel and is a good filler, slipping into the cracks of the skin surface, thus creating a “satin finish”. Zinc stearate is a salt that keeps emulsions from splitting into say, oil and liquid components. This helps ‘set’ our foundation and gives rise to the ‘oil-control’ properties of most products. Mineral oil – I do react to mineral oil in Shu Uemura’s oils but not to this; anyway, the molecules are truly too big to actually clog up any pores. The next 3 ingredients help prolong the shelf life of most products. Think parabens are a bad idea? Think again – I’ve linked up a good friend Musical Houses who has an extensive blog post on parabens. Tocopherol is vitamin E, and Kaolin (as in Clay) helps with oil control.

So there you have it! I was going to get Catrice’s setting powder but found this to be cheaper, gram vs. gram. Oh to be able to afford expensive cosmetics…


5 thoughts on “Ready, SET, Go! Revlon New Complexion Loose Powder

  1. Never heard of people who did not have to set the foundation 😉 , they must be the really lucky ones. I have to set mine no matter what to prevent an oil slick but I’m really lucky to have it under control for the time being. My favorite is MUFE’s pro finish powder. It gives me some coverage together with my foundation so I can look somewhat decent.

    • Yeah! What are you using now to control your oil? My oil slicks are usually hormonal. Does the Pro Finish powder bounce off light?

      • My oil control is actually my birth control pills. They do wonders and I’m honestly afraid to go off them cos I tried, my oil slick and acne came back within 6 months. Although I know I cannot not be on it forever,the vain pot in me still wants to enjoy a few years of oil free skin 🙂

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