We’ve been fans of Human Heart Nature for quite some time – blush fan ksuan loves their mineral blush and I enjoy their lovely, effective face wash. These are just two of the several reviews that we’ve written about this great brand, and the better part is, it’s a brand with a heart. There are a lot of commercial brands out there that have great products and an inspiring message about helping different causes, but Human Heart Nature’s message is consistent and you know where you’re contributing to – “Every single product sold directly helps the poorest farmers get out of poverty, sustainably”. We’ve communicated directly with the HHN Malaysia team and would like to spread the word about these hardworking people who are bringing in great products in order to help those in need. Also – free shipping to Malaysian addresses 🙂

human-nature-logo-sealIn today’s environment where we’re exposed to sun and stress elements, there are products that we use to alleviate and prevent – things like sunscreens, perhaps SLS-free products (in my case, SLS-free shampoos are a must, but I’m still OK with SLS in facial and body washes). These items look pretty darn good to me: their 100% natural clarifying shampoo and their 100% natural sunscreen.

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2) Christine from My Wandering Story likes their gentle lotion made for kids

If you’re from/in Malaysia, please click this Facebook link to check out Human Heart Nature Malaysia (brought in by Down to Earth). They even have special promos for Facebook fans and free shipping in Malaysia

If you’re from/in Singapore, please click this Facebook link to check out Human Heart Nature Singapore.


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