Hello ladies, hope you’re having a good start to the week! Today I’ll be sharing my thoughts on Catrice’s Defining Blushes.


Let me just put it out there before we get into this review that I am a very big fan of Catrice as a brand. I think their products are well-made, finely milled, and extremely affordable. I am a big fan of their eyeliner pencils and eyeshadow singles, and I feel just as strongly about their blushes. I love them so much, in fact, that I purchased two, both of which have become regular features of my morning makeup routine.

The Catrice website describes their blushes as follows:

The ultra-fine, highly-pigmented powder blush with vitamin C and E spreads easily, sets fresh accents, emphasizes your cheekbones and models the contours of your face. Top marks for a perfect finish.


060 Rosewood Forest is a plummy, muted matte berry pink that looks pretty harmless and borderline dull in the pan. A little on the cheeks, however, goes a long way. The flush it gives is very natural – much like the pink glow you get in your face after you’ve been out and about on a nippy, chilly day. This makes it a highly versatile, multi-occasion blush that works for the office and also for nights out. Because it’s so pigmented, however, you need to be light-handed with application, especially if you’re fairer skinned. The upside is I think this shade would work well with a whole variety of skin tones, including darker or olive tones.


010 Toffee Fairy reminds me so much of the constantly craved Tarte Clay Amazonian Blush in Exposed, except (so much) cheaper and slightly lighter in colour. A slightly shimmery blush with warm golden-brown-pink undertones, Toffee Fairy goes on the cheeks like a glowy, sunkissed, cheekbone-accentuating contour. With this, you don’t need to highlight or bronze – it’s a three-in-one product that adds lots of dimension to the face all on its own. I will never understand why it was in the bargain bin, but am surely not complaining about this fortunate find. As it is a little light, it may not show up on darker-skinned ladies.

Unfortunately these two shades are no longer in production, but Catrice recently launched a new range of blush colours. I am already eyeing two of them: 020 Rose Royce, which is one of those gorgeous all-purpose, no-nonsense pinks, and 080 Sunrose Avenue, which is a beautiful coral-peach shade with golden undertones (think Nars’ Orgasm but less glitterazzi).

These blushes are finely milled, with a clean texture – no chunks, flakes or grit. I find that my Real Techniques blush brush picks it up and distributes it across the cheeks quite evenly. Also, these blushes last throughout the day without problems. I find that at about 6 hours they start to wear off a little, but this is to be expected as I don’t use a primer under my face makeup. Overall, I am largely impressed by their staying power. Make no mistake that these are high-quality blushes that pack a real punch despite their understated sturdy clear plastic packaging.

At full price they retail at S$ 6.90 a pop – which is an utter steal in and of itself, but on sale you can often stumble upon them at over 50% off. So far, I have only found Catrice products sold at Guardian in Singapore.


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