barry m watermelon
A dark nail polish! I hardly ever go for wintery, dark, vampy nail polishes but Watermelon from Barry M’s Gelly Hi-Shine formula with its deep green tint seem rather interesting.
barry m watermelon 9barry m watermelon 3
The initial photos indoors don’t show this shade in its full glory, it comes off as black with a slight green tinge, but in sunlight it’s distinctly dark green like the ripe rind of a watermelon (apt name isn’t it?)
barry m watermelon 8 barry m watermelon 6
The formula is similar to Lychee, slightly thick and watery, and it does take some time to apply nicely. It’s near to opaque with one layer but I like to do two just to level everything out. Overall, the lasting power was quite good, put to a week without chipping.
barry m watermelon 10barry m watermelon 4
Over the top is a complete stunner that was rather unexpected. I purchased Essie’s Shine of the Times a few years back in Singapore  (remember Ksuan??) and on its own it is a subtle crystal flakie topcoat of slight blue and pink shifts, very pretty and romantic. What a dramatic shift it is going on top of a dark polish. It turns into a fiery multi-faceted red-gold-bronze foil which shifts to yellow-green on the edges. I decided to apply it on a gradient across the four fingers, leaving the thumb bare and it goes on with great coverage.

BarryM polishes retail for 3.99 pounds or USD$7.60 while I picked up the Essie topcoat for SG$10.

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