barrym lychee 4

Alright, so I’m rather boring with my choice of nail art, glitter tips on a coloured manicure is just so easy and simple and looks like you’ve made an effort. This time I went with a BarryM polish which I was able to find here in Dubai (they’re not available in Australia and it is difficult to ship them in) and I’ve been looking forward to trying out their Gelly Hi Shine Nail Paint- touted to give a high shine gel nail effect with an extra glossy finish. UK beauty bloggers absolutely rave about this new line from Barry M and I picked up Lychee, Watermelon and Pomegranate.
barrym lychee 2 barrym lychee 1
Lychee is a taupe-like nude reminiscent of watery milk tea. It is a favourite among many but unfortunately for me it is not bright or deep enough to contrast well with my skin tone. It is for me, the dreaded mannequin hands and not in a good way which is bait of a shame! I really wanted to like it.
barrym lychee 6
The formula does go some way to making this a non re-purchase for me. On one hand (pun intended) it is very opaque (which is a plus) but it is also a mixture of being thick yet watery. I couldn’t get a clean application with the polish going over my cuticles and side of the nail and it stays there like there is no tomorrow. Attempting to do a clean neutral manicure with a messy polish doesn’t go well. This is one of the few times when I’ve finished applying the polish and thinking the whole thing is rather mediocre and uninspiring. Therefore I threw on Nyx Grand Royal in an attempt to save it.
barrym lychee 3 barrym lychee 8
Grand Royal is a pretty little basic polish of silver sparkly glitter and holographic pieces in a clear base. It has a nice distribution with the ability to be built up with lawyers to create this gradient effect of glitter, although the base is quite thick so it look a long time to dry down.

BarryM polishes typically retail for 3.99 pounds or USD$7.60, while Nyx’s polishes are USD$3.50.


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