loreal caresse 2

How excited was I to spot these in Dubai! The new L’oreal Rouge Caresse lipsticks (released after the L’oreal YSL-dupe Shine Caresses) weren’t available in Australia yet, so am happy to pick up a few to try out.

The website states that the Rouge Caresse are available in;

’12 luminous shades. Formulated with 50% less wax than traditional lipstick, the revolutionary Lightfeel System delivers a feather-light finish that’s never sticky or heavy.’

So how do they fare? Read on!
loreal caresse 1
The packaging is a silver bullet in clear casing with the colour of the product lacquered on top, which makes it easy to pick out in the stash. It also closes with a satisfying click as the two halves slot together. Weirdly enough this packing looks nothing like the ones displayed on the L’oreal USA website where it’s fully opaque with a strip of colour in the middle. However the product and tube inside is similar I think.
loreal caresse 3
The shades I have are;

Dating Coral- a pale neutral pink that is nice for a no nonsense look, it just evens out the lips and gives it a pretty glossy shine.
Aphrodite Scarlet- the shade I was most excited about but most disappointed by as it just looks like a slightly darker version of Dating Coral!
Rebel Red- a rather gorgeous juicy apple red, which was what I hoped Aphrodite Scarlet to be.
Rock ’n Mauve- a deep orchid fuchsia (is that meant to be on trend this year?), it’s more pink in the shade and turns more purple in the light.
loreal caresse 4loreal caresse 5
The formula feels really comfortable on the lips. It’s light and hydrating and I can swipe on a few layers without it catching on my lip lines. The deeper colours are pigmented with a translucency that gives my lips a fuller pout and a lovely glitter-free shine. They remind me a lot of the Revlon Lip Butters but without the creaminess- these are more gel like which works well in Dubai’s hot summers. I just really like the way they feel, they are fabulous.

Still trying to figure the price tags in Dubai, but L’oreal lippies typically retail for USD$9.99 .


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