essie turquoise 1

Don’t you just love the word ‘sale’? It has got to be the most delightfully spine tingling word in the world, with the ability to make grown women cry and fall to their knees as they shove people aside and swatch hundreds of colour. Hah. In any case it’s fantastic for beauty lovers because it means we can pick up products that are usually too teeth wincingly pricey for our wallets or new collections to try out. Hence I love Priceline’s 40% off cosmetics sales because we don’t often has such bargains and the mark up on beauty products are just ridiculous compared to our European and American counterparts.

My local Priceline started stocking Essie polishes which is nice because it is a quieter store than the main Bourke Street one (which goes absolutely crazy during sales). So I was able to browse quietly and picked up Turquoise & Caicos as part of my haul.
essie turquoise 2
Shade wise, this polish is that lovely minty turquoise with a huge punch of green that I always want in ‘turquoise’ shades (they’re too baby blue usually). It’s absolutely gorgeous, providing a fresh bright contrast to my dark suits, but with enough depth to pull it within work friendly territory.
essie turquoise 3
I have to say I’m pleased to finally find an Essie polish with the sort of formula everyone raves about, applying smoothly with clean lines. Two coats was enough to achieve a nice even opacity and it remained chip free for a week before tiny cracks started scattering across the top. Still not my favourite formula, but this particular one worked well and it’s now one of my favourite colours.

Essie polishes typically retain around AUD$16.95 at Priceline in Australia.

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