Hey guys! Guys! GUYS. Hi. I’m back again, with a spiffy new camera and a new product to review. It’s a Canon PowerShot G16 and a new sunscreen!

I picked this up when I went back to KL for less than RM30. It was on special, and even if it wasn’t, it’s cheaper than buying it in Singapore at its original retail price. I recall that there are two versions of the UV Perfect sunscreen, but I purchased the yellow-tagged one called Even Protection. The purple-tagged one is for dull skin, which I didn’t get because I thought it might leave a grayish cast on my face.


OK – let’s talk technical stuff. The ‘MEXORYL FILTERS’ printed on the squeeze bottle is a patent held by L’Oreal that helps filter out UVA rays. It has excellent photostability, which means that it is resistant to change under the influence of light. Layman: It does its job by absorbing UV and releasing it as thermal energy, without penetrating the skin. This compound is found exclusively in L’Oreal’s brands – including Lancome – and it appears that I’ve found a possible dupe of my favorite sunscreen at a fraction of the price! SPF50+, UVA PA +++ and UVB protection, all around RM30, not bad. Works out to around RM1 per ml.


Onto actual performance:

1) Did not clog my pores- huge thumbs up!
2) Did not see any actual even-ing of my skin tone. The sunscreen comes out beige but did not provide any coverage.
3) Lightly fragranced but did not irritate my skin.
4) Absorbed nicely into my skin, on top of my moisturizer. I use Clinique’s DDMG.



I have nothing bad to say about this sunscreen and I think this is quite affordable, given the proven technology that’s put into this product. If you’ve used this before, what are your thoughts? Do you think there are better sunscreens out there?


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